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America now has a problem far different than China. 

We have very different recent histories, and us with very different people.

Where Americans now near all have to consider the possibility of new taxes they do not necessarily have to be of an assumption that new taxes must mean higher taxes - higher "net" across all their taxings.

As China may now have money and enough to buy up our debts they still may be better "buffered" behind their wall - they may now be prudent to using the United States of America to launder their international contributions.

China may already have one or two "colonies" developing in Africa yet as per like of Libya the most homogeneous China may be best to "stay more behind their wall."  For China to assert as per even just Libya an "authority" could suggest a pride "homogeneous" and "superior" that could be misunderstood.

America does now have a problem quite different that China - and yes more in Middle East likely already know more english than chinese, and while English and Europeans, as per Libya, seem to have a greater selfishness.

Sure we may have been better to a "stimulus" more like recent domestic (domestic to China) efforts, and with such more "capitalistic" than such as Obama’s domestic economics.  And, yes we are as Americans now of a time where we may need to see some local taxes increased but with not "net" increase in overall taxation as Americans - we are of a time where Chinese "stimulus" likely would have been better for us, and, where if local taxes increase costs around federal taxation and spending could come down and to a "more efficient".

Yes we have a different problem globally than China and may be well positioned to do international money laundering for them so that a more sudden reaching beyond their wall doesn’t seem a vast reaching by a superior homogeneous people.

Really, President Obama is of a time where local taxes could and likely should be increased but such that federal taxes can be reduced.

Really, President Obama has more than just the Chinese wall now relevant and suggestive - he has his failed stimulus - he has public popular uprisings suggestive that his "federal spending" is too much federal spending.

Really, we would have been better to have attempted an economic "stimulating" more like China did domestically.

But alas, President Obama seems at a wall, a different wall - how now to sell, democratically, that cities and counties should rework their taxation and valuations and so that they alone are to raising taxes and such that Americans can look to federal taxation lowered?

But alas, how now to a greater efficiency that can bring cost reduction and while America still has rare global stature of having a entirely volunteer Armed Forces, best so suited/uniformed to a global policing?

And, still, what though to do about Secretary of State Clinton, with President Obama, have been to so much "giving" when of a time that "collecting" was finally sellable and reasonable? 

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