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What a week!

I’ld like to thank the ________________, and ______________, and __________________

Did you catch the bit about former Senator Christopher Dodd having dated PRINCESS LEAH re-reported as old news new again?

Well, it was interesting that just the other day I went out for another long walk around Connecticut, its Milford and Orange area, and happened coincidentally to walk by an old movie mega-theater parking lot, a lot now a construction site with new steal rising.  It was quite interesting that this time had me remembering a day, years ago, in such parking lot when I volunteered that I didn’t see a movie "showing" that I cared to see. And then also "you know what I would pay to see? — Lucas should re-release the original STAR WARS movies. I would want to see those again." (paraphrased from memory)

Hello Wolfgang, I do mean to meet you in person one of these days - are you hosting another OSCAR party this year?  Still haven’t tried any of your restaurants but did once spend a year plus with your frozen pizza as part of my food-rep work around Connecticut.

Hello former wife of Darth Vader, as the story went/goes.  I cannot forget - and am grateful that my request to your PR agent seemed to be passed as requested all around Hollywood back then to get the word out that none of my musing and support to any out there (except Extreme Home Makeover) was to be considered or profered in any way to help "Hillary for President."  Those were some fun notes - I didn’t realize Senator Dodd had dated your daughter. Hello Kelly Bush, I guess I was before David Geffen as a "Hollywood" concern with a proclamation against the Clintons, his seemed to go maybe further, though.

Gosh Senator Dodd, I think I may have known you more than half my life. I was probably still at Villanova as an undergrad when my sister, then one of your receptionists, introduced us in your office.  Last time we were in the same room you were having a "swearing in party" about 1999 when I happened to walk in with Senator Lieberman, and was able to say hello to your other receptionist from back when. Good luck with the Motion Picture job.

Ok, Dowd - Mayor Rahm in a TUTU, stuck.  Seems his message to his former employer is that community service actually is best done at a community level, do you agree?

I’ld like to thank my Mom and my Dad and ____________ and _____________ and _____________.

Really scary, you all, this pirate story about American missionaries on the Somali seas or there abouts – Was that an "O~~~" on that big front sail and looking like a "mark" of "Obama" as so of B~~~ O~~~ signature marking?  Was it just a Q for QUEST – surely it wasn’t out there so large in front of the boat looking like an "Obama" letter of marque notice?

My long walk around Connecticut was a theme walk to browse cooking and food supply stores in the area, and even the RESTAURANT DEPOT across from the old theater parking lot earlier mentioned.  I just happened to walk into the one store in the area that may sell QUALITE (sp?) with such a "Q" cookware - got me to wondering.  ("long walk" implies I measured by hours not miles and in this case at least another three plus.) It was fun making my first visit to "wear the restaurants shop."  I am not sure when I might need a fifty pound bag of flour, though.

I really want to thank all my artist friends who honored my wishes to avoid any use of my past support and musing to benefit the Clintons. Thanks and especially for them so selfishly about as they were of ‘Hillary the Inevitable."

What a week!

Really sad about those American sailors.  I have learned since that some or many sailors ship their vessels over such seas and resume their cruises maybe even from Bahrain.

What a week!

Got me to thinking about Iran, finally and in a new way.  It has dawned on me, after catching RICH STEVE’S IRAN episode and learning that Iran has passed laws to forbid casual sex, that Iran may be onto something or not that we should look at as Americans when wondering on our healthcare reforms.  Still wondering, now while considering Iran’s ban on casual sex so balanced globally with "the man who claims to be President of the World" - Bill Clinton - essentially the far left to Iran’s far right.  President Clinton is quite the global lobbyist for casual sex and so is about as far to the other extreme from Ahmadinejad as America can produce.

What a week!

President Clinton makes American Republicans seem like a GLOBAL MIDDLE WAY in light of Iran’s conservatism.  But about "Obamacare" and healthcare reforms - has such a ban in Iran caused their healthcare cost to climb or fall?

Is President Clinton’s specific efforts now unavoidable to higher healthcare costs or lower?  Are we now as "grateful" to Clintons as we have to consider with old report of healthcare statistic something like and near << If we could get back to the average personal weights for Americans before the Clintons took office we could save a trillion dollars in healthcare spending. >>

How did this become our nations business? 

Mayor Tutu? The other mayors? Did Hillary ask for KING OF QUEENS to help her hubby feel more comfortable in his natural character and habits?  Who did so set America about "UPS" deliveries to a more happily rotundity?  Seems of the hand and mind of First Lady Hillary - or just President Bill, maybe, alone.  Still remember an annoyance that nation was being let out to such so near seeing its first trailer/tease.

What a week!

What can we learn from Iran other than that when scaled against President Clinton as the global lobby for casual sex the American Republicans show as a global middle way?

Dowd, Maureen Dowd, is "BLACK SWAN LAKESIDE" MAYOR - The "tutu Mayor" - really spinning a ’Community service is best done at a commune level, among neighbors - Sorry for the earlier misdirection.’?

What a week!  And I’ld also like to thank _________________!

Oh, and Stan Rosenfield, you too.

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