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So? So what are you doing today? Are you changing your stripes?  Are you still unable to shake the "familiar" in "familiar"?  Can you but not help but put family first?  What are your values?

Back in the early days of Clinton foreign policy the "Clinton two-fer" was active in Middle East trying to drive partisan wedges into such region and with askings to please blame only Republicans (Red Staters) and don’t blame or judge us Clintons for we have no record with our (Blue Statisms).  Sexy? Safe?

Were you duped?  Did you get that Clintons for having no track record and history in Middle East did somehow manage to get many leaders in Middle East to give them a "blank slate" and with their specific requesting to "blame" and spread "blaming of Republicans" to help build "Clintons’ innocence"?

Were you duped?  Did you mind that Clintons as our great "intellectuals" and "smartest first couple ever" did actually blame 9/11 on Americans – on well: Red states said do this and blue states said to do that…?  And, so of instead of admitting "mea culpa" did specifically blame Americans after 9/11 instead of their own "leadership" by so with "well Americans told us to do this and Americans told us to do that…"  we are not responsible with our "intellect" or "leadership" we just did what we were told as simply as if a "two-fer" of monkeys were doing it.

Well, so Clintons did the unthinkable and took two million out of our federal spending for creating or saving jobs across America and much specifically spending for intelligence and defense that usually kept us safer!  So? 

So Clintons did the unthinkable of not only trying to balance our national budget but to do so in record spead now in hindsight now known to have been quite irresponsible and rash! Not only did they rush America into such job saving or creating budgeting to balanced they personally championed taking even another unneccessary trillion out of spending just to acquire unthought of and thought impossible popularity for SURPLUS.  So?

So they maybe used the CIA to falsify intelligence reports so they could sell "peace" and PEACE DIVIDENDS and without even adding some spending to equip what fewer forces they were leaving funded the new improved body armor protection for personel being stretched thinner and their equipment/vehicles and for the new type of conflict they seemed to atleast have been aware of themselves?  So?

Do you mind that our main stream media and President Bush let Clintons blame America for their eight years and how it left us more at risk and unprepared and with their "walls of separation" at FBI between Intelligence and Enforcement branches with some blame for 9/11 working even if Clintons able to blame Americans?  Do you mind that Clintons were allowed to pass the blame "buck" at least for a while so that Bush could help America heal faster, and faster so without driving us apart as maybe hoped by Al Qaeda along hard partisan lines?

So who or whom got duped?

Is Faisal Shahzad…?

How did Faisal Shahzad celebrate Mother’s Day? Did he bemoan losing Miranda Rights?  Did he rest knowing he had secured more "anti-terrorism" American millions for his family and friends in Pakistan to keep such "windfall" flowing?  Did he rest yesterday as a "proud son"?

Was Faisal Shahzad duped?  Can it even be considered? 

Isn’t it more possible and plausible that the TTP is whom got "duped" and by American Faisal Shahzad a proud son of Pakistani family fully in the "green" of American anti-terrorism spending?  How else could he sell his ploy to encourage more hard earned American dollars going to Pakistan and his friends and family in their military but by going and pretending to be a "terrorist" with the TTP?

Was the TTP duped by a clever American citizen just wanting to see more American dollars sent home to his friends and family?  Was the objection to "drones" more again of fighting for spending to employ more Pakistani in forces to chase elusive "terrorists"?

Have you seen the pictures of Faisal?  Doesn’t he look more the one of having done the duping than a one that was "duped"?  How else to protect his families honor and wealth but to try to get training from TTP and then maybe make it a dud and so to help them recoop what ever it may be costing them to help him through his financial hard times?

Did he really change his stripes?  What are his values?  Did he buy into just blaming Republicans and red states the way the Clintons encouraged with their "two-fer’s" first foreign policy steps?  Were those Middle East leaders that "agreed" to such with Clintons regretting it more and more each year as Clintons held such "honorable" people on the "honor" of "having given them their word" and years past they should have kept arguably "looking the other way" on Clintons intellectual invovlement and deciding not at all "just doing what Americans told them to do"?

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