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We should now all take a moment "of silence" and even maybe a moment of meditation or relection.

If you will - Now a consideration of Indiana’s "Only a penitent man may pass." 

Oh, yeh - Indian Jones with line here replayed from memory - not with a movie fact checking.

In part today is of an: "It’s not like he had a finger stuck in his face with ‘…or else’"  And: Wow, where has Rahm disappeared to now in this the year of Governors?

I have no idea what is going on in Chicago, in this year, so much already a year of our Governors.  Do they have a free and independent media - has social media ban banned since Obama got elected using it to gain national power?

It is not like he is President Clinton of humilation of impeachment and disbarments and having taken to a penitential touring of Africa speaking and appearing to promote safer sex and multiple partner awarenesses.

Has anyone seen Rahm?  Where has he disappeared to - disappeared to in this the year already so much a year of our Governors?

No, this is more about an alternate history - this is about what could have been.

Seems the issue today is more about all the condoms and prophylactics pushed by Clintons at least during their eight years.

Seems the issues today have to be so also about the Middle East and Muslim pride about current demographics, and even now to a closer reporting as to whether the average age reported so near or over 60% in general populace is of a balance near enough female to male.

Fox isn’t alone in such perpetuation of a confusion suggestive that the Middle East has 60+% of its population all under the age of 30 and all young males without any home life or hope.

Rahm has other more pressing problems now and President Clinton is happy as an unchecked and unbalanced non-state actor.  Who can we look to now?  Rahm has a Governor to remind him he wasn’t elected Governor or Illinois new grand leader.  Bill is just rogue.

Now about a current alternate possible economic and balance of power:

If Clintons hadn’t pushed so many prophylactics would we here in America have enough in a new generation already matured as a largely new gen of American Christians actually born and now so to employed, and, available as consumers for our excess housing and consumables?

But for all the prophylactics Clintons pushed just in America would we not even be asking if we had a critical mass enough to assure a peace?  Should America now mandate family size for its own survival and with an upping of here-to-fore planned family sizes?

As per all the walking by a seeming penitent former President Clinton with his travels around Africa speaking to safer sex and multi-partner awarenesses:  Such lives not created there still likely would be too young to already be compatriots and allies but with toy guns – but was this something his Hillary demanded he do - how did such post presidency turn to such an alerting?

So, again: Our Constitution was "ratified" so ordaining it "in the Year of our Lord…" with a use of the Christian Calender — How many more American Christians might have been born during the Clintons’ years? 

So, again, American isn’t allowed to wage a "Holy War", Constitutionally speaking, is it?

Is our best defense now to start making more Americans and hope our allies are with us enough in the mean time? 

Luckily for now a new Middle East challenges all Christians equally and while American Christians still of a grace and even "honeymoon" for recent shown willingness to stand and sacrifice along side all Iraqi people. Is a godless Russia at greater theat?

With new balance of power a pressing question and more so for us of so many fewer born in America during the Clintons’ years as may have naturally occured and celebratorilly - at least now we don’t have Ba’athist Saddam Hussein offering and insisting to send his Republican Guard into neighbor countries to restore peace and balance.

Well we seem most definitely about 2011 as a "YEAR OF OUR GOVERNORS" and maybe even of the young of Middle East not quite looking at global demographics quite the same way we have been.

Surely President of the World Clinton has all the answers already even if he is now an unchecked and unbalance non-state actor himself - right?  

Maybe it was just a phase. 

Maybe all the excess housing we now have still would have been too early to the party.

So which are our allies - which of such are Judeo-Christian allies?  At least since we finally prosecuted Saddam Hussein we still have global moral street reputation of actually standing for universal rights more globally and equally. And now may less have to argue with fellow Americans about how it may be unconstitutional for the United States of America to wage a "HOLY WAR" or conduct a just operation without it being a "Holy War."

We did our duty - now what?

Are we to now a: Do we have enough Americans to a relaxed mass sufficient to assured peace?  

How much work needed now to alliances? — Have you hugged a Clintonista today?

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