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This is not about Iran!

To be about Iran it would have to be more about DHS (Department of Homeland Security) than I mean or intend.

That said:

We are about now, more than just here, efforts to a new and better bureaucratic.  We are about a times that seem harder to understand largely because of how often we had been mislead and misdirected during the Clintons’ years.  More than just Americans are paying for the Clintons happy to be years of doing say 80% and leaving so the hard and necessary to an actual ’solution’ in a regular practice to avoid near 20% quite necessary about such.

They got their popularity and we got something worse, but not necessarily so for those years.

They, you could say, just tried punting on the hard parts of the politics they were about, or were just amatuers who didn’t know better - rank amatuers even.  Much of what they did was popular and of good intent and maybe even inspired for such years.  Such though throughout their eight years needed a full effort and not a mellow punting on the hard say 20% they could count on Americans just assuming them of and about with diligence, yet not in reality.

Well, this is inseparable from Iran, actually.   But this is not written to be about Iran’s Neda.

That said:

This is about our own disasters and maybe some others, this is about our readiness and bureaucracy about Federal Emergencies.

This is not really about the "leadership" failures of Clintons about New Orleans and its "MR GO" (Mississippi River Gulf Outlet) or specifically about Clintons’ years of FEMA budgeting or performance.  This isn’t even about how the now laughable "PEACE DIVIDENDS" of the Clintons’ year may have underfunded FEMA and as well any military cooperation for emergencies.

Clintons’ PEACE DIVIDENDS seem now sadly laughable and only maybe more so than CLINTOMICS and their specific encouragement of risky lending.  But this is more about a new and improved bureaucracy for our times.

Of course this has to be some about Iran but that only because Clintons’ eight years left far more than 20% undone about Middle East – And now even George Soros seems confused about such as noticed with his recent spot claiming that people should be grateful President Bush isn’t in office now during these days of popular uprisings.  Mr. Soros isn’t alone so though in necessitating a brief response about such with at least this:  President Bush by attending to, finally attending to, finally to an overdue prosecution of Saddam Hussein, with forces, with Operation Iraqi Freedom, such was done allowing, that by using forces there, American forces wouldn’t be needed elsewhere for others to also achieve to same more equal rights more equally as Bush’s standing with Iraqis was about.

We in America have as much to worry about now as many around the world and even now over longer lunches.  We in America have a down economy more of an accidental making by Washington meddling with liberal Democrat politics and so now a high unemployment that shouldn’t and maybe cannot be blamed upon any of now unemployed – That is an old story now but still we have the collatoral damage.  Republicans may now have to entertain once more objected to government intervention.  Republicans may look at solutions now for economy that have policies and priorities that historically were considered undesired meddling that now would be corrective and necessary to an undoing of the really undesired governance that caused these current economics.

Yes, our Federal Government may need to now meddle to fix the economy and meddle about even a job rationing and because the people are largely victims now of ideological Democrat governance.  But, still most of such may best be profered at state and local levels.  Yes, Republicans may have to embrace a federal government roll and quite contrary apparently to their proper sense of governance and as a corrective meddling.

They too may be better with longer lunches and maybe a new styling about suspenders.  They though may be better for an earlier retirement – yet otherwise quite wise as well to a new VIVA LA FRENCH! Americana.  It may be the best way to start growing our economy again. 

But about NEDA?  Well we have to consider most of our bureaucracies now!

Our Department of Homeland Security is not an ideal home for our Federal Emergency Management Agency - our FEMA should become NEDA.

We can leave the discussion about how to fix the economy until after you know better how much both Clintons are still standing selfishly in your way to a new and better economy.

In the mean time: a consideration of at least our Federal Emergency Management Agency: an organization better to be outside of our DHS: FEMA is now also of states’ budget line items.   If FEMA were NEDA it wouldn’t need to be in our Department of Homeland Security it could be a stand alone organization tasked primarily to a readiness for natural emergencies.  If FEMA were NEDA it would the be our NATURAL EMERGENCY DISASTER AGENCY – it could even have a fleet of NUCLEAR CHILLER SUBMARINES to cool warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico if hot spots were developing that could turn a storm into a mega storm and with a "WEATHER CORP" as crew.

As long as FEMA is of its name "Federal Emergency…" then it belongs with DHS even though its history has been primarily thought to be a dedication to storm and natural disaster response and recovery.

How now to a new and improved bureaucracy at local, state and national level and one now equally respectful of global change with popular revolts about a need for greater representation and involvement?

Surely, even with a NEDA with a fleet of unarmed NUCLEAR CHILLER SUBMARINES crewed by a WEATHER CORP, a new NEDA bureaucracy should cost as much or maybe less than a FEMA kept in and under DHS even as DHS was set up with a respect to a system in federalism and of a loose federation of states?

How much could be saved and with more employed in shorter days and with longer lunch hours at least until such can be practice as maybe our fastest way to recovering our pre-GLOBAL WARMING ALARMISM economy?

How much could be saved and with an improvement maybe even in moral for now FEMA workers and such a corp of dependables if to an independent NEDA with just a couple or few annual "joint operation" training days if needed to be called up to greater "Federal Emergencies" of different regular politics and duties better to more uniformed service planning and preparations?

Yes, longer lunches and shorter working days may allow some additional employees and may be our most efficient and respectful way beyond the GLOBAL WARMING ALARMISM economic crash recently  a perfect storm of a confluence with a "Pelosi Congress" clinging to it’s "Clintons’ surpluses" and the Obamacare jobkilling bureaucratic construct.

Yes, we should wait to try to fix the economy until we have fully arrested the Clintons continued efforts to highjack domestic and global power to further Clinton Global Initiative to as near a Clinton Autocracy as they can get.  We may need now though to consider another "socialist" solution such about "state ownership of oil" and so with a necessary consideration to look to owning Venezuela oil as better socialists.

Well, maybe less is more.

We have known how to chill water and make ice for many decades.

Power to NEDA?  All hail to a federal lead about a job rationing?

Wisconsin, we can hear you!  Any word from California’s public unions?

Yes, quite so still that Bush admin was of near or of an: If we prosecute Saddam Hussein and help liberate Iraqi people without occupying and colonizing them, then we likely won’t have to use force/forces for other countries peoples and may even win over Iran’s youths. 

But this is about how F.E.M.A. now to N.E.D.A. may be a wise bureaucratic change, and even a new consideration of workday rituals and breaks to a better moral and more equitable employment, too.

Please don’t forget to fully consider how the Clintons are popular still for much they shouldn’t be and that much of such can and should be looked at as a corruption of their doing the easy and popular 80% on much and only letting us think they were dutifully attending to the other and more necessary 20% that had the hard work and unpopular leadership actually around and in it. 

Clintons are still more of the problem then of the solution, and especially with President of the World Bill Clinton basically an unchecked or balanced non-state actor. 

I remember them thinking 80% enough for their purposes and to a worrying then.  Again, it probably would have been better and less costly if we had pushed a full prosecution of Saddam Hussein within the first term of the Clintons – before he started to think he might get away with so much murder and such and while the ‘intent’ of first sanctions still with original threat of a real enforcement.

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