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The problem with ‘Berlusconi for America’ as a "leadership" example is a matter of size and proportion.  An "Obama for America" caught near as well by "bunga, bunga" yet more as an innocent class war of his making not "inheriting" —  President Obama has as well been about the "leadership" issue as well of  near the "small people" have great "bunga, bunga" why can’t their leader(s).

The problem isn’t ’Gigi Gone Wild’ - an ‘America must become more French - more French Socialist’ — it is a matter of size and proportion - a matter of representation in a proportioned mass.

Well, maybe a problem is a little Gigi Gone Wild - but that isn’t really a new problem, is it?

If the "small people" are have good, and especially if they are to a having of a great "bunga, bunga" is it now more about making sure their is a good middle "bunga, bunga" – middle class "bunga, bunga"?  Is the problem for ‘Berlusconi for America’ that for our President to be so Clintonesque ‘cubed’ a fairness and equality ‘power’ issue of federalism arises — A President can only be so for America if the governors are near unanimously also so that way to and of America.  For America such would need a equal practice for a middle class as well as for the "small people" and their highest leader.

How many Italies fit inside one California?   How many Italies fit west of the Mississippi?  How many Italies fit south of the Mason Dixon line?   How many Delawares fit inside Italy?

Where is Bill?  Where is Bill?  Where is Bill - the man who claims to be President of the World?

If such fair because the "small people" had there to fore been having ‘GREAT BUNGA, BUNGA’ where then is our highest leader(s)  where are those of the middle - where is our middle class - and where are our governors?   How many of their states fit Italies within multi-fold or theirs in Italy of one or more?

Does America need a middle class?    Where are our community leaders?  Where are, as well, our Governors?  

And, yes!  Where is "Hillary"?   Where is Madam Secretary – Madam Secretary "Hillary" aka Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton?   Would she have married "Bill" if he were still William Blythe III?

And, yes!  In these days it isn’t the predilections, personal, of a former President or even one now extra-Constitutional and in a new un-American frontier so out there as "the man who claims to be President of the World" and without "election."   It isn’t either the personal predilections of "Hillary" but where such is a "Bill" first the Constitution second, still.

Where is Bill?  Where is Bill?  Where is Bill - the man who claims to be President of the World?

Where is Barack?  Where is the old "Barry"?  Where is President Barack Hussein Obama - still near ‘We need to become more French - more French Socialist!’?

Where is Bill?  Where is Bill?  Where is Bill - the man who claims to be President of the World?

What happend to elections?  What happened to "elected"?  Where is "Hillary" - where is "Hillary" on this?

The problem with ‘Berlusconi for America’ as a "leadership" example is a matter of size and proportion?  Where are our Governors?   Are the "small people" having all the fun?  Where is our middle class?

See, in America it isn’t about (only?) maybe similar predilections, personal, but their "leadership" example, and, now, how so few knowing their highest leadership then fraught and sloppy in their Clintons’ nineties was and is tops when explaining so much damage to collatoral and values.

It was and is their ‘economics’, stupid!   It was and is their, the Clintons’, ECONOMICS - CLINTONOMICS!

Where is "Hillary"?  Where is our Secretary of State on all this?

Where is Bill?  Where is Bill?  Where is Bill - the man that claims to be an unelected President of the World?  Where are the Clintons on such only maybe "poll-based" representation of skewable statistics?

How many Chicagoes fit inside one Italy?


What is fair for the middle and the masses or our high leaders if the "small people" are having great "bunga, bunga"? 

We do need to become more French!   We do need to become more French! 

I do wonder how the French may react to this.  I do wonder but while thinking we need to become more French but not the "French Socialist" pimped by President Obama.

Viva la French — shorter work days and longer lunches with romance in the air more than war - VIVA LA FRENCH please pass the bread.

Viva la French — later retirements and now some job sharing and job rationing for America as a way to mass toasting and bread breaking for our Governors and community leaders - even to Spanish siestas?

I do wonder now how the French - the modern French may respond - and the people of the ‘middle’ leadership of governance by Scott Walker.   "We need job rationing!"?  -  "We need job sharing!"? 

President Obama, how about you still to a ‘we need to become more French’ but of a different "Frenchism" than you were origially about ineffectively for undue respect to representative "size" and "proportions"?   Yes, "Hillary" is a hinderance - the Clintons’ eight years now seem near all wrong and especially so for their eight years also "eastern to the middle rhelms" regular and "official" about "Shia incapable of governing themselves" and the Clintons happy and ambitious with a "pro-Sunni" we (our "two-fer") is "ready from day one"?   And especially now the specific usage those "official" years with "Iraqi Shia are incapable of governing themselves" inheritance left President Bush?

VIVA LA FRENCH!  But let us again find ways to improve upon them — let us now maybe try job rationing and job sharing and with later retirement dates - and jobs now where a husband and wife (civil partners pledged for life) are encourage by society to be of the same trade and profession such that a job sharing can be well effected with one getting Tuesdays, Thursdays and alternate Saturdays or just maybe mornings and alternate Saturdays and the other the other needed hours to satisfy employer and/or clients?

VIVA LA FRENCH!  Thanks again for your help with our Revolution.   Maybe we will at least see now longer and more casual mid-day public dining/refreshing in America. 

Where is Bill?  Where is Bill?  Where is Bill - the man who lets media claim him high and highest as an unelected President of the World?   Where can "Hillary" come down on this - but with a cold shoulder - and official "cold shoulder"?

"Berlusconi for America" – it is a matter of size and proportion - it is a matter of representation in a proportioned mass?   What is to happen when the "small people" are having all the fun?

Honey, please share the Wisconsin cheese – how much bread do we really need with it, now, especially?

Are there enough American whinning?  Are there enough local vintages?  And totally enough American wines? 

Some "French" bad for us - not all French.   Right?   Thanks again for your help with our revolutions.

Thinking out of the box — Where is Bill - the man who claims to be President of the World?

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