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Captains, captains - lash thee selves to your masts – a mesmerizing calling/musing you off your course - and on the rocks.

Where would we be today but for Ivan Vujacic’s stirring comment to me at AEI that day of November 2007 near a year before 2008 decidings - where would we be today without me quietly becoming concerned that "top Republicans" were of a "Top Republicans are telling me to expect ‘Hillary’ to win"?

Helen, where is your Odysseus?   Yankees, where is your thrift?

Livingston and McPherson, I presume - I presume you remember me from those days of your producing the pilot for SEVEN DAYS about 16th St and Lafayette Park NE.   To which of you was it that Steven Spielberg admitted knowing me and from AMISTAD and again with "but lose the van"?

Mr. Livingston, I presume you of STAR TREK - NEXT GEN were maybe only vaguely aware of how show got a starting from a near "siren’s call" across my Livingston Street and by the mesmerizing musing instrumented by her then heard wafting across the seeming safe river of my Livingston Street.  And, how so that my friends from then Special Olympic Games Organizing were about my thoughts and near to "mesmerized" and them then much about business of BORG WARNER automobile sensor business?

Mr. McPherson, I presume you too of a professional aiding about lessons of the Sirens and the dangers about their mesmerizing musing.  Did you know that if I were to cross Livingston about such music instrumented I were to have been of a real "mesmerized" by a real Kate Janeway - I do not remember her "instrument" played so classically to a wafting about my rivers.

Mr. Twain, at one hundred, sorry about you going bankrupt from keeping your word to General Grant to see through to publishing his memoirs – my growing up near a small river made classical images more than just yours of big rivers hard to quite imagine - especially of sail vessels near careening.  Ahh, there’s the rub of Sam Clemens, too.

Fans of Harry, of all Potter books and the seven of eight movies:  I have yet to decide to read a one of them and for a muses perogative allowes and precedes, wise enough still, maybe.  Fans of Harry "Dumbledore" doth arose from a purple double Dutch style front door (Dutch doubledore) across from such "mesmerizing" music of old Rhine whines.  Oh Lorelie?  Oh, and, Griffendore?  Yes, and Gryffindor doth also harken a safeharbor "squawk" and now less from another old Special Olympic Organizing friend then in PR for Griffin Hospital - Hi Gerri, how is it being now first lady to Talbots chief accountant once ESPN’s back when?  How’s the PR business treating you?

Yale Daily and so about Gilmore and girls:  Oh, yes that is another one.

Beware the classical mesmerizing on every river even your own street a river poetic.

There to was a real Officer Barone, but he may be the least of your worries.

Gone Carney "media circus" the President’s stripes may be the most of his troubles – the two tone beige "earth tones" so ovalized and ovaltined.  Bad enough for me his embrace of beaten Clintons but to then decorate his lair/home office with the colors of the 1968 Cal 25 sailboat "SEPTEMBER WIND" (see cal25.com "restoration" tab and "photo gallery" tab for "before" and "after")? And such that I put a handmade by me black sail cover upon after restoring such cruiser/racer to original gel coat colors in expensive automobile Imron paints matched as of a 60’s GM beige and a Ford 60’s beige?  That there is the most of his pouring salt in me wounds of battles past to protect peeps from the Clintons and their regular lowering of "revelry" standards.   Such was a boat I spent over five years carefully restoring and had to sell to afford the independence and time to defeat the Clinton "two-fer" from yet another election to our office of the President and it so of a cozy home office.

Helen, where is your Odysseus?  Yankees, where is your thrift?

And with just simple logic an ‘electing of a spouse’ is always some also an ‘electing’ some of the other spouse and never to a setting asunder otherwise of their marriage union and its legal protections, local and national.  An electing of one spouse is never not an ‘electing’ at least some of the other spouse - the spouse only to such a co-holding of White House and its home office by legal ‘electing’ of a union so inseparable. 

And, really what is our standard such that no one law is supposed to contravene another law?

And now our revelry?

Seems Larry Summers is at least right about "Hillary’s" simple arithmetic for 1 crossed by 1 equals 1 - not a loose "two-fer" to of a legal two.

Yes I so did cover the BOOM with a handmade and fit and sewn by me black sunbrella sailcloath cover, and still have been to a reading of "BOOM" that rightly seemed to follow such as my restoration of a classic from 1968.

Fans of Harry, you are my peeps, and so are many others – yes I challenged J.K. Rowling with a pre Google "googled" search for an unkwnown by motivated author and to specifically write seven books for seven separate years of advancing curriculum and secretly with me of to such to protect future generations from the Clintons I knew already too well.  Yes Harry Potter had its start as to a buffer and protection from the lowering of revelry standards regular by Clintons.


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