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It has now been a little while since I sat near-on a window sill at American Enterprise Institute and found myself talking over lunch with Ambassador Ivan Vujacic then the Serbian Ambassador to the United States of America.

He let me do most of the talking and mostly only added a "but that isn’t what most in DC are saying" and "but that isn’t what top Republicans are telling me."

Abassador Ivan Vujacic is just one of my "witnesses" of those days I was still in DC - He is though may the one most to hear me through across most of my reasoning as to why Senator Hillary Clinton wouldn’t win and shouldn’t win the presidency.

He was quite surprised at first but maybe not so near the end of such luncheon break when I had time to explain how and why President Bush’s Iraq policies were right and necessary and even to a necessary global standard operating procedure that should be a better foundation for even Serbia.

He has since been recalled to Serbia, but that day I was in a very small minority so stating and explaining that Senator Hillary Clinton should not and would not win the 2008 Presidential election.

Sure since the day she announce an attempt to get the Clinton "two-fer" elected to more years in the White House I did basically go on a Randian strike kind of like in Atlas Shrugged. Sure I had to sell off boats and other material goods and take to living a plainer life to afford the time and proper independence to prove my points.  Yes, if you knew me then you likely thought I owned too much for a DC area one bedroom apartment dweller, and you would be very right - it has taken me years to become "reorganized" those years of having so much.

Looking back it seems I don’t have to reverse or take back a single point or argument of mine about Clintons and reasons that their "two-fer" couldn’t and shouldn’t get elected again.

Quite possibly those were the months and years I was near in the smallest "minority" on an issue in my life, and yet still.

We weren’t actually sitting on the window sill at AEI that day but in chairs juggling luncheon plates while eating and chatting.  I have sat on the window sills their for other events if I recall correctly.  We were there that day for an event honoring long time Soviet expert and author, Robert Conquest.  And, I so maybe even accidentally there that day for having miswritten a note for an event that had actually been the day before.

I really should find a publisher - these blogs have been written to flow one to another and into book form too. Especially the first year of jphogan.org blogged 227 now mostly "hidden" since first anniversary.  Seems very little editing for content correction due to subject or "conclusion" error maybe called for.

It really seemed I was near in a minority of near one back in the early days of my eruditions that Clintons’ ‘two-fer’ couldn’t and shouldn’t win another election to more terms. 

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