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You may have to be as brave as I was brave today – you may have to consider some culinary too.

A free-for-all here now I share of - of a recipe new - a new recipe mine - yes a cookie recipe.

Yes here now I share a recipe not that of the Culinary Institute of America aka the CIA.

I have survived my own recipe creation for a new cookie - a banana chocolate chocolate chip cookie.

Probably best I don’t put up a recipe tomorrow - God only knows how that might get interpreted.

It was probably a United States Department of Education that had me in middle school at East Rock Community School learning how to cook and bake in a required Home Economics Class- I don’t know for certain.  I did though have a chance at home to learn some baking too - and such that Home Economics may not have been  necessary as a federal program - I was curious about how most things that seemed simple enough to maybe understand might be understood.

I was also encouraged with middle school Industrial Arts in woodworking and a curiousity to metal working.  Such school had the money for metal working equipment in its industrial arts wing when designed and constructed - but somehow didn’t seem to have the money to have an instructor of/for metal working.  Yes a "curiousity" to metal working it was from using so many metal working tools as drying benches for woodworking projects and so with a wondering to what they might actually be designed for.

Yes, my new just invented BANANA CHOCOLATE CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES is not a CIA recipe.

And yes this recipe is now recommended and a free for all.


2 1/4 cups all purpose flour/3+ tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa powder/3/4 cup of granulated sugar/1 tablespoon molasses/1 teaspoon baking powder/1 teaspoon salt/1 teaspoon vanilla extract/2 extra large eggs/1 cup (two sticks) butter -softened/one ripe medium banana/1 cup chocolate chip morsels.

Preheat oven to 375 degrees.

Cream softened butter and add in sugar, cocoa, baking powder, salt, molasses, vanilla extract and eggs.  Cream all thoroughly together using two butter knifes to cream or a mixer - add the banana and remix.  Gradually mix in the flour and then the chocolate chips.  Adjust ingredient amounts some if you are so inspired.

Waiver:  I just made this for the first time today and with a yield of near 48 cookies baked at 375 degrees for about eleven minutes.   Cookie dough was placed on buttered cookie sheet to near the size of a golf ball or ping pong ball and pressed and shaped by hand.  Cookies were dolloped onto cookie sheet using two tablespoons.

Yummy to me - maybe to you too.   Had a banana I didn’t know how I wanted to consume or when and then wondered on making more Chocolate Scotch Shortbread cookies or trying an original banana cookie.  Did look to Tollhouse Chips bag to consider baking science more for a chip cookie than a shortbread and then adapted and wondered.  Note:  "chocolate" in "Chocolate Scotch Shortbread" also my creation/adaptation and maybe such better to be not as a side dish for scotch - though maybe bourbon or another such or just milk.  First made such "shortbreads" as a new pistachio chocolate adaptation.  Maybe still a "Scotch Shortbread" but that may depend on the scotch.

Yes it is probably better I don’t post this tomorrow - God only knows how that might be interpreted.

I should ask maybe this mentioned CIA though about "banana cookies" since what I don’t know and haven’t figured and about a life lived so far without now a memory of a "banana cookie" before is only a simple scientific question as to "shelf life" and "refrigeration"/"freezing."  For now I am content to test such myself or not – like other good cookies they may not survive the night.

NOTE:  You don’t expect me to always write about politics - do you?   And, maybe you are glad I didn’t blog about rewiring garage/barn lighting for my mom the other day with a relocating of one socket location and an additional socket via permanent wiring extenting and as well the conversion of another incandescent socket to a small strip flurescent fixture.  I don’t have occassion to dig out and use my specialty Klein electrical tools as much as I used to - it was good to find such old friends again, and my Wiggy voltmeter and non-contact voltage checker. 

I was tiring of too many hours keeping up with political shows and have been now newly about some of cooking shows and personalities so showcased.   A curiousity took hold anew.

Learning to cook a variety of Chinese stir fry dishes came later and to much of my sustenance, self sustenance while living off-campus my junior and senior years at Villanova University.   Recently I have been working off the recipes and successfully - "off the recipes" = without the recipes.

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