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Hillary was the "martial law" candidate in 2008. 

She was the candidate with the government funded storm troopers duty bound to maxed pomp and circumstance.

And yet President Barack Obama isn’t a TEA PARTIER.

Math must have something to do with this.

How did "THE INEVITABLE" not add up?

Was it that on her face it seemed, especially while waxing proudly about "Bill" as AMBASSADOR TO THE WORLD, that she wanted and "election" again of the "Clinton two-fer" to keep her cast in a "supporting role"?

Was it on its face nearly obvious that "Hillary" only wanted to be President if "Bill" could be superior still and as now heralded as the first PRESIDENT OF THE WORLD - BILL CLINTON?

How can the ‘cozy’ with propped up dictators and other also less than ‘democratic’ leaders be explained - but that Clintons were ‘in’ and ‘down’ and ‘jiggy’ with themselves thought ‘inevitable’ to years in excess of our norms and contravening of our Constitutional ways of moderation and checks and balances first?



But for Saddam Hussein we wouldn’t have now about America a new TEA PARTY effecting?

And yet President Barack Obama isn’t a TEA PARTIER.

How do we like Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as still yet "BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR"?

But for Saddam Hussein and the Clintons’ eight years of mostly "inaction" and "avoidance" more "propped up" dictators would have been more THE NORM.

Again it was reading Alan Hart’s writing that I personally learned of the Ba’athist Party as "conceived" to a establishment of a United Arab Socialist State.   And, how "some" would "pervert" it to their own personal power grapping and controling aims.

So what have we missed with "Hillary" not to an inferior by intent as PRESIDENT HILLARY CLINTON in a new world with "Bill" as PRESIDENT OF THE WORLD BILL CLINTON?


On its face we weren’t really to expect that a married life so long dedicated and consumated would be able to just "change" with an affectation/taking of a new title, right?   It was too late for Hillary to stop being Hillary?

How wouldn’t "Hillary" have been a "propped up dictator" herself if "inevitable" had meant "inevitable"?

Was it even fair that she had all the pomp and circumstance that most dictators enjoy during all the long and usually more trying days she was of "campaigning"?  Was it even fair that a full Secret Service detail and its assets so afforded a term limited President could be so tasked?

And yet President Barack Obama isn’t a TEA PARTIER.

Nobel Peace Prize recipient President Barack Hussein Obama did though make a good point with his "acceptance speech" for such when of a warning to "dangers" globally from "inaction" and "avoidance."

How did "THE INEVITABLE" not add up?

Was it merely Iraq and Saddam Hussein she couldn’t well shake?   Was it the math of the Clintons’ years?  Was it the dangers that became real from eight years of Clintons’ "two-fer" "inaction" and "avoidance" and domestic "have your cake and eat it too jolliness"?

Depends on "is a peace dividend" as "isn’t rightfully ‘peace’ dividends"?

How do we like "Hillary" as BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR?   Could she have been better to such as President?

So much for her insulting all the Egyptian people conveniently to herself and "Bill" on near the eve of last Clinton Global Initiative near "mandatory" meeting of otherwise world leaders with her LAST CHANCE FOR PEACE - pronouncement to the world.   Maybe Hosni Mubarak liked it some but wouldn’t most Egyptians have taken some to much offense from such?

How does "Hillary" not add up?

Note:  Best for now to leave alone all the Saddam plotting likely with old France and old Germany to a less American centric economic and ‘peace’ that was much in the air as near a "war" thought during much of the Clintons’ "two-fer" eight years mostly to current dangers with their regular "inaction" and "avoidance."   Best now to leave alone the "war" thinking and maybe new "Euro-centric" that Saddam may have thought he could work to with an invasion of Kuwait and such that he would so then be able to keep it as his.  Best now to leave so much alone and especially "war" thinking about Saddam’s assassination attempt of President Bush that maybe was already in his plans for a "re-elected" President Bush.  Hillary is enough to worry about for now.

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