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Their rivalry is palpable - ‘mohatma’ Clinton and "mohatma" Obama.

MSNBC soon reporting about such ‘mohatma’ Clinton as news as "President of the World Clinton."

MSNBC still reporting as news ‘President Obama’ only ‘president’ of the United States of America yet maybe a ‘mohatma’ himself.

MSNBC still seeming not yet reporting that the ‘other’/'otherwise holder’/'otherwise holding’ Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton as "the ‘otherwise’ in an inseparable soul of the ‘Clinton two-fer’ and so only of "Hillary" as part of "Bill’s" ‘mohatma’.

I do hope American taxpayers are not paying the rents for the Clintons’ Global Initiative offices.  Such is so much of "Bill" existing as a "non-state" actor.

President Obama a ‘mohatma’ Obama yet not a Muslim?  Obama as Gandi?

Where is Clintons’ ashram?  Where is Obamas’ "community"?

If ‘Obama’ is Gandi then therefore he is Muslim - is Muslim as well?

Enter Pakistan – Gandi then no longer Muslim - Gandi to a lesser ‘mohatma’?

It is a dangerous precedent that former President Bill Clinton is about setting with what we can hope isn’t just a ‘popularity purchasing’ or "brown bag politicing" for his ‘otherwise holder’ of his "two-fer" connected soul - Secretary of State Hillary. It is dangerous especially for it not in those receiving state’s interests or their "free press(es)" or state media interest’s that Americans be told that such ‘gifting’ and ‘generosity’ abroad by "Bill" is in their eyes not ‘good’ for Americans nor in our ‘best interests’.

If Obama is Gandi then he is Muslim? And… and… and…?

Where is Obamas’ "community" – how is their ashram?

MSNBC - is "President of the World William Jefferson Clinton" though a seeming ‘rogue’ and ‘non-state actor’ acting at all in the best interests of Americans?  How dangerous is all this precendent setting ’gifting’ that could be ’reported’ as too close to "brown bag politicing" and specifically to a smoothing of ’waters’ for his wife first and President Obama at most ’second’?

Today’s news perspective has us/me wondering on the ‘how’ about Egypt having so many that have gotten by for so long, as now reported, without being ‘news’ to us for being of a ‘living’ for less than two dollars a day.

‘Mohatma’ Clintons?

‘Mohatma’ Obamas?

It isn’t in the interests of ’receiving’ countries or their media to ‘report’ to Americans that they think all ’Bill’s’ ‘gifting’ isn’t in our best interests, right?

In the movie GANDI you are shown Gandi telling his ‘community’ or followers that they are Hindu, Muslim, Christian and Jew and… and… and so seemingly of his ’mohatma’.

In the movie GANDI and near the end of his last hunger strike Gandi is of telling an Indian Hindu who admits that he "wants to kill Muslims because they killed his son (and family?)" after a careful moment of listening and consideration near that such Indian Hindu can get out of such a hell if he did as told by Gandi and found a young boy who has lost both his parents that is near the age of his lost boy and adopts him and raises him as his own and specifically with Gandi telling such that he had to find a young Muslim boy and so raise him proudly as his son and as a Muslim.

Please tell me, anyone, anyone who knows for sure, that Clintons’ Global Initiative is not actually getting by with rents paid for by taxpayer dollars and while principal ‘Bill’ so rogue and busy as a ‘non-state actor’.

President William Jefferson Clinton and his soul maybe a ‘mohatma’ with "Hillary" versus President Barack Hussein Obama and his soul maybe as well a ‘mohatma’ but with "Michelle"?

Where is their ‘ashram’ - where is their ‘community’?

How do so many in Egypt live so well on near two dollars a day?

Do any of our unionized federal workers know?

But then politicians run the risk of being ‘nothing’ in trying to be ‘everything’ - right?

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