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Mr. President Obama, isn’t there something we can do?

Are we becoming late to our own party?  What about Sudan?  What about the DRC?

How can we proceed now with former President Clinton abroad as a "non-state actor" politicing quite partisanly and globally all the while basically so as a "non-state actor"?  Is there time left to correct such a global spilling of camel milk an avoid the crying?  Where have our standards gone?

Where is "Bill"?  How can he be assumed to be a "state agent" so far and vastly while basically just a "non-state actor"?  How dangerous is it for Americans to have a former President so galavanting "independent" yet "partisan" and "political" and us here stuck at home without a media coverage to inform and alert?   How can we fight back the global assumptions by many that he is so there as an uncontested voice of America?

Where is "Bill"?  Where have our "protections" gotten to? 

He is still on our payroll – the misconceptions so then reasonable abroad, right?  He even so wanted to be "compensated" about to a worth that he attempted a rent for "offices" in New York City that if granted would have had him in one year have equaled that paid out to all past presidents combined for their first years.  As it is he settled for less but not by much.

So we are all in agreement - it is presumed?

So we are all in agreement that President Clinton got promoted out of the White House to higher duties, and more personally gratifying abroad - yet still oddly now so set as that of a "non-state actor."

Is it just President Obama and "Bill’s" wife that are making us late to our own party, or is it equally or more excessively "Bill"?

So we have to look elsewhere now to guard our freedoms.

So we have to look elsewhere as well to guard our "representation."

Welcome to the United Nations!  Welcome to the new "more democratic" United Nations - SORRY, THE AMERICANS ARE LATE TO THEIR OWN PARTY?

With Egypt so assertive and the Sudan also on the move can we ignore the DRC?  Can we ignore our "representation" in the United Nations?

Today’s United Nations e-news newsletter (yesterday’s news) was of a reporting on change in the Sudan and even a new agreement to "wealth sharing."

"The United Nations today hailed the announcement of the official results of South Sudan’s referendum…Both Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and the panel he appointed to monitor the referendum urged the sides to reach lasting post-referendum arrangements, building on the momentum generated by the successful holding of a vote that by 9 July will sever a third from what has until now been Africa’s largest country and is widely expected to lead to the creation of the UN’s 193rd member state."

"Such issues include border security, citizenship, wealth-sharing, frontier demarcation, and popular consultations in the states of South Kordofan and Blue Nile - and Abyei, an area straddling northern and southern Sudan, that was due to have voted in a separate but simultaneous referendum on which side it would join…."

"’Their work is not over,’ Mr. Ban’s Panel on the Referenda in Sudan said in a news release."

Where is "Bill"?  Where is this "rogue"?

With "democracy" seeming to be breaking out - are we now looking to be late to our own party?

If the member states of the United Nations do themselves become more democratic the United Nations will become more "democratic" – Are we looking to be late to our own party?

"Bill’s" way may be good for him - but he isn’t representing us, now - is he?

"Bill" isn’t even maybe representing half of us?

And neither is "Hillary"? 

And nor is President Obama though of an oath to all?

Have you asked yourself or another?

And, have you yet considered we will be late to our "own party" if democracy breaks out at the United Nations and us then not with fifty state ministers instead of one mere ambassador?

You will be assimilated - UNLESS…?

Mr. President Obama, isn’t there something you can do?

Should we move rapidly now at least to a more ‘democratic’ representation by six regional ministers with the "six regions" soon reasoned to and recognized?

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