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You are the face in the mirror?

Are you proud of your "Gorish" "Global Warming" "GREEN" image?

Al Gore grew up and got schooled likely with funding from family plantation tabacco sales aided by addictive qualities and efforts further down the line — Al Gore grew up keeping on - people "addicted" - addicted to what his family was pushing?  Did he really grow up without having been pulled off his childhood ‘youth’ tabacco sled name "SMOKE IT!"?  Did he really grow up not "pulled off" soon enough?  I wonder.

If you are finding this blog just recently you may not know that as per the "economy" I have been basically on strike with a political protest since day Senator Hillary Clinton announced her entrance into race for President.   You as well may not be up to speed on my blogging mostly in 2006 as "uc" with regular commentary on newsbusters.org taking on all comers and establishments to argue for the surge and then much in regular reasoned defense of such.

In 2005 Mr. Putin was TIME magazine MAN OF THE YEAR if I recall correctly.

In 2006 I woke up in DC seven blocks from the Capitol to spirits bothering me with a "can we have a picture of you for our cover" and me waking faster than I wanted and with a near "no, you would have to tell the whole story and I am not near half done … but, but, yawn, yawn, but… and while by then walking around apartment half asleep… was to saying well if you can want to cover "uc" and can put a "mirror on your cover… I can and will work with your intents."   I still have to consider they likely were until then thinking of doing a collage anyways.

I heard Secretary Clinton rebroadcast on a news show this evening and now am patiently waiting for the media to cover her hipocracy and "transference" attempt without needing to be coerced to such maintenance of journalistic standards.

You deserve to be the face in the mirror?

Secretary of State Clinton using line and feathering such a line of mine used against her with enough truth and history that it has been sticking to her like tar is ripe for a media circus to a "gone carney" about her and her latest "transference" and "politicing" selfishly with a Diplomatic see/charge.

Secretary of State Clinton using a line near as >…candidates elected like seeming to a democratic purpose may actually be after a locking up a power to a lasting Autocratic "real power".

I have been years explaining the Clintons for their seeing their years as of an opportunity to grab near ‘autocratic’ global and domestic power that would humble even "Presidential" powers and with an near unprosecutable "highjacking" of power with grabbing beyond establishments current checks and balances.

Now as well and around such we have President Obama as first 2012 candidate already to campaigning and us all to vigilance about "equal air time" standards and practicing for parties and candidates as writ and as well about former and very partisan and political still President Clinton on a Global stage and in global media as of domestic politicing on foreign airwaves that aren’t necessarily properly to a policing to fair and free elections and "equal air time."

You are the face in the "MIRROR" cover of 2006 TIME - MAN OF THE YEAR issue?

Did you too not get pulled away from a "SMOKE IT!" youth sled as a child, soon enough?

How do you feel about your "Gorish" "Global Warming Alarm" "Green" visage?

So Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is of selfish politicing with her defensive "projection" with "transference" with like >  get elected but then to a highjacking of power to Autocratic control.

So former President Bill Clinton of the CLINTON GLOBAL INITIATIVE is of saying his efforts with such are non-partisan and not political and yet then to interviews at such and before it is yet over and while guests are still their as invited to a "non-partisan" and "non-political" was to specific partisan and political and quite personal "hits".

It is not my way to go head to head with Secretary Clinton for such an abnoxious performance that is inappropriate with her own history and ambition - head to head on such comment as per Diplomacy and whether President Obama should fire her.

It is still my way of my strike to avoiding and economy stimulating and now to look for more ways people wouldn’t be wise to attempt to grow economy as long as she is so of such a "corruption" to our systems and foundations.   Our media professionals not themselves to such a history of stimulating economy are more of a professional duty and charge upon such hipocracy showing anew on "Hillary" really near as sticky as tar.

Yes, I just get to sit back and reaffirm my protest and share with others how unwise it would be to help her further "highjack" our domestic and global systems and politics and economics to her decades old hopes to being, with "Bill", to such a ‘real power’ in a time unsuspecting that they would be virtually (usage?) to a Autocracy of Clintons.

If you see a "journalist" please share my concerns and a new "necessary" reaffirmation to my years in protest and in striking so where I have to work to figure out how not to stimulate the economy, and for a "greater good" and "necessary" checking and defense of American ways.

NOTE:  Yes you may save on energy costs if your roof was a lighter color — yet now with most of America this side of the Mississippi covered with shinny and reflective white snows Global Warming may already have saved us more than we could have in a decade so from "global warming."  The snow where it hasn’t collapsed your roofs may have helped insulate your homes and businesses and also been to a lowering of energy costs while there and that on top of the savings for it supposedly being warmer already.

*Yes, I have been saying since 1982-82 that I am more a "citizen Rosebud" that a CITIZEN KANE and have since been to thinking about improvements and stimuli and/to positive change for all.  I take offense at Clintons’, and now Obama’s attempts to work such to just benefits to one party and one ideology.  And, yes when Senator Obama was in primary with Senator Clinton it was before he started to gain that I asserted "officially" that the Clintons were not of an "authority" or "right" to use my material and especially because it was being again used selfishly more to a "highjacking" towards a seeming desired end of an Autocracy of Clintons and as of an "global" plotting and initiative.

**Happy Birthday President Reagan.   Happy 100th.   America is barely still here - the Clintons nearly got away with it but/yet not in a way that would have made us safer.



Please don’t forget to look in the mirror.  "those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it" like and well this is really much about the Clintons not really "knowing" their own history or times.

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