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Left - Right - Left - Right - Left…

On February 6, 2011 President Ronald Reagan will turn one hundred years old.

Today is Groundhog Day and something is stirring somehow in Egypt.


How spirited Mr. Ja Ja Binks was dramatized - really still to a "fighter" for the "Gipper"?

Literally, a fight for freedom is about, such that a win by U.S.S.R unaffected by President Reagan, and his times, may have left to a "less peaceful"?

Literally "peaceful fights" and "less peaceful fights" - today seen.


Ja Ja Binks is quite a Gungga Din.

Today’s Egyptians seem well past "jousting at windmills" Quixotic.

Have you read of the municipal concerns about Mr. Binks of Hezabad?


Will President Reagan’s "half-life" be near as long or longer than Rudyard Kipling’s and his Gunga Din and MUNICIPAL?   Could Reagan have been "Reagan" without Rudyard Kipling - was he a fan?

On February 6, 2011 Ronald Reagan former head of the Screen Actors Guild will turn one hundred years old.  Boy did he have "chemistry" with the People.


This seems writ more to a staccato than a "rhyme" and maybe an appropriate "poetry" for today.


Stop and smell your surroundings?

No one is working in Egypt?  How is their "municipal" today?

Reagan was a man that could write - and likely one that read Kipling.

Ha - ha - ha — so telling.


So President Ronald Reagan wasn’t as much to "jousting at windmills" as likely "suggested" and aired with protestations less than civily?

How are they on Martin Luther and "buying of forgiveness"?


Today is Groundhog Day and how is your MUNICIPAL - how is Egypt’s "municipal"?

Sean Hannity — You seem out of tune - you seem too much to a Dem Washingtonism that "a shinning city on a hill" is towards a mass socializing around DC as a "singular" great City alone on the "hill" of life on Earth.

Sean Hannity — You get Mr. Binks and MUNICIPAL?

Sean Hannity — Ja Ja Binks really is quite a Gunga Din, yes?

Sean Hannity — You are doing Reagan’s "life" a disservice more Cervantes by limiting the "Irish" in his poetic "a shinning city on a hill" as an inspiration to all municipalities as of them and for them and of their own "city" specifically.

Groundhogs — Surely I was not the only Irish American to see the common sense in such erudition by Reagan at least maybe of readings of Kipling?  Surely I am not still alone and so still since late 80s considering to such and too poetic as a call whence upon a new world order to be of all cities more equally and equal?



Facebook friends and fans - and those others who have read my THE CHARGE OF NEW FEDERALISM — And how? How? How?  How can a Washington, today, in our new social media world, still of the post-Reagan Revolving, to a "new world order" now be but to a DC as a central district more "municipal" centric and less "state-dominated"?

Here-to-fore "socialist" like President Barack Obama - maybe but a "side-kick" to Clintons’ "two-fer" to "socialism" or "autocracy" reigning?


The Clintons still have us living in a world without the "windmills" they saw or didn’t see?  Our’s and other’s "municipals" now endangered because?


We are moving fast now!  We are moving fast now?


Reagan must have at least known of the movie "ON THE BEACH" if not also of an earlier knowing of Nevil’s book?


You elected the right people for your municipal safety and well being, yes? 

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