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What can we learn from "the nuclear holocaust"?

ON THE BEACH - with "Hillary"?

WARNING: You may want to reach for your Hans Kung.

Today is February 1, 2011 – do you know where your foreign policy is?

For Americans our United States of America Constitution was ordained "in Order to form a more perfect Union" and for "Posterity" and "in the Year of our Lord" using a Christian calender.

Seems it is an old wife’s tale that Asparagus turns urine green, but still it seems "scientific" that cockroaches might survive a nuclear bomb/holocaust.

Smoke can kill - and "insurance" is by definition a proposition only for "unknown" risks gambling, and so not an appropriate term for "pre-existing" conditions.

Smoke can kill - and well people should be free to smoke and still wonder if their smoking is actually helping them live longer than they would have if not to a use of "smoking" to moderate them at such moments.  People who smoke though could be said to be of a "pre-existing" condition that would prohibit extraordinary measures to prolong life – such would be to a destroying of the "individual" and "soul" of such as one that smoked so knowing that "smoke kills"?  Save the "soul" to measures that respect the individual and their life story of each of their character choices?

ON THE BEACH – where isn’t the "fallout"?

Time for romance?  Time to make amends?  Time to save souls?

DOOM AND GLOOM — The Clintons must be "RESET"?  It wasn’t the Republicans - NOW WHAT?

ON THE BEACH — How did we get here?  We are not alone?

Is this a "lesson" to warn from electing "officers" to our "offices" just because they wanted to become the first husband and wife separately elected to such a holding - and for the now more apparent likely - to predictable - corruption such an ambition effects so to two more of to a time of their making and selfishly instead of a more reasonable and humble of "officers" of a making by their times - still based in "reality"?

GAME CHANGE >> Yes this book is very misleading for its suggestion that "Hillary" only accidentally happened into a decision to run for president and so "romantically" as a "calling."  Yes, I knew here ambition since early 70s and again by 1997 of hearing that people were already organizing during the Clintons’ administration to effecting to "line her up for a run."  Really, there is nothing "romantic" or "patriotic" in "Hillary’s" told tale to run at Presidency.


Where did we go wrong? 

How about the Clintons’ first moves on Middle East and Persian Gulf area of their first term where they were of an "asking" of region’s leaders to "just blame American Republicans" and to giving them a like clean slate?

How about the Clintons’ such move when really more blame was best put out that the U.S.S.R. and its expansionist policies towards a global spreading of communism more fundamentally at fault?

How about the Clintons’ suggesting that all the Cold War geopolitics that effected the Middle East were best to be blamed on American Republicans and not the enemy they were necessarily fighting to protect democracy and freedoms for all and from a global expansionist Soviet communism?

ON THE BEACH?  Save your soul?  Russia’s got religion, now?

On Russia now we have a consideration of Iran – a fair and stragegic consideration that though of a current helping to Iran that hardly now enough for any weaponizing from such not to a first and fixed targeting upon them and all past participants in U.S.S.R.?  Iran for the Iraq and Iran war has U.S.S.R. to blame more than American Republicans and themselves though for willing associations of old?

Yes America, we should be able to rest easy or easier now finally that some of the hooliganisms of Clintons now outed and exposed — Yes America, we should now be able to rest easier with an Iran more logically to a blaming and targeting of once socialied nearer "Godless" Russia for having brought American Republicans to an ugly and undesired compromise with Saddam Hussein. 

Surely a better way was available for Iran then?

Surely a better way is afoot for Iran now?

So but for "fault" still of Soviet Socialists with expansionist and agressive ambitions it otherwise really is now and still: ALL THE FAULT OF THE CLINTONS’ AND THEM NOT ONLY IN THEIR "EIGHT YEARS"?

Now — about the cockroaches?


Today is February 1, 2011 - Do you know where you foreign policy was?  Do you know where it is?  America should now be able to rest easier and even to lasting romancing, at least that Russia and old Soviet states now more logically belonging in the "nuclear" sights of Iran?

And, so the "Muslim World" of Islam is a marvel of old for seeming the largest religion for peoples living about the hottest and driest and sandiest parts of the world on Earth?

If they had more beaches?  A Brazil they might be and proudly? 



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