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Thank you Speaker John Boehner and your Ohio for returning politics to our taverns and kitchen counters - civil.

Free at last we!  Free at last we!  Free at last we!

We are no Egypt – and new NBC of "Obama late to this ‘democracy’ stuff" nearly but oddly without a condemnation of his top Diplomat and foreign policy advisor for having him more "romantic" and current.

Yes, one of President Bill Clinton’s Davos messages was that he and Hillary are Neanderthals.  Quite fitting and remarkably honest in light of current administration having again gotten caught with their "pants down" on foreign affairs.

Thank you Speaker John Boehner for still "sweepin’ it" romantic.  Thank you Ohio, he is a fair representative - yes?

Free at last we!  Free at last we!  Free at last we!

But aren’t we now already sold to a change in America and Constitutional to an adjustment ourselves in administering reign as now it seems more romantic to have a "social media" revolution here to an amending of our office of president terms to two year terms with a maximum of eight years elected or otherwise of a holding of?

What can we learn from those fine Egyptian engaged citizens these days of responsible and concerned expression?

How can we "part the waters" here at home to better ways more "romantic" than "cheap" SEXY?

Yes "from Davos" former President Bill Clinton was most clear in all of his remarks seemingly with his announcement that he and Hillary are "Neanderthals."

Free at last we!  Free at last we!  Free at last we!

So we too don’t have to "part the waters" at home either for "change"?

We don’t have to "cut and run" from our age old ways either - but some ways?

Back to American politics - less "prohibition" to Middle East’s preferences to smoking and as well, now, less "proclamations" from "on high" by Washington for them and us.

For us an amending to more "socially responsive" politics with a celebration of spirit so to new "terms" for our own office of president?  Two years enough even for us?

Sure "Hillarycare I" and "II" and "Obamacare" are of systematic attempts at a partisan bureaucratic to lock in effective power to a centralized near dictatorial for America and so of such "charity" that the party promises such could become an entrenched elite outside the reach of "popular" "reset" by fair and open elections.

Sure to keep "Obamacare" would be to a stiffling of our democracy and nations designed spirit to self renewal.  "Obamacare" has no place in a loose federation as our confederate republic where national power meant more to necessary "undoing" of that which can be undone through representative politics, instead of an attempt to "do" for "everyone" and with a proposition that the People need it done for them "because they are not capable of doing it for themselves."

Free at last we!  Free at last we!  Free at last we!

Neither they nor we need to cut and run and hope apon hopes that "waters’" might part miraculously and timely.  This all seems more of a shift in winds than a need for a vast sea change, right?

"SEXY" passe’?  Will Egyptians beat Speaker Boehner to a new "romantic"?

Clintons already too long of a reign "SEXY" first and too much to a global about "AMERICAN INFIDELS."

On the Nile - the Clintons still in denial?  And also "late to this democracy stuff"?  Obamacare nothing but "Hillarycare III" and a furtherance to a democracy stiffling bureaucratic Washington too to a reign through promise of charity, less of "governance" for which ever party and its elite might if ever establish.

On the Nile - Are the engaged citizens of Egypt about a "republic" and as "republicans" - are they so and more so of Lincoln than Obama?

This is no time for America to usher in a "prohibition" of smoking in its foreign policies and Diplomacy and especially in the Middle East, right?

President Obama - you did quit smoking didn’t you?

Do remember your childhood and visits to your school by firemen and the public service messages though that smoke is bad for you and can kill you - you never should have needed the Surgeon General to remind you.

What’s on the menu America?   What’s on your menues Egypt?

Free at last we?  Free at last we?  Free at last we?

And for America too a revolution to shorter terms for our leaders and any entrenchment they could effect with promises to "doing for people" what "people can still be to a doing for themselves"?

Heck no to Obamacare!!!   Heck no to futher Clinton entrenching!!!

Heck no to futher Clinton entrenching especially domestically, and now especially abroad?

Can we get past Clintons’ "SEXY" and too Boehner’s "ROMANTIC"?


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