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I feel for you Egyptians so of just one ruler not term limited near on thirty years.

But really the real problem with social media today may be that because I didn’t see a post/alert to the exact time that Villanova was playing Georgetown today in college basketball I had set off feeling more relaxed than I should thinking my team didn’t need me.

But about the President and his plagarized remarks in Cairo a couple years ago:

"Plagarized" seems harsh? 

Well, what about his earlier part of his speech to the Muslim world for a new beginning of other orations more dominant about "all Bush’s fault"?

Well, what about his oration about not lying about not lying such that he was honest in a double lie admitting he had to and would maybe choose to lie?

Yes I gave this past speech an "F" and it must have been then the Berlin attempt at erudition that only garnered a "D-" for President Obama.

What you should have considered by now that the Cairo diatribe by President Obama was about as partisan a speech could be past our "waters’ edges."

What you should have considered with any speech that gets introduced by its orator with an spouting about "lies" and lying so conditionalized that it was delivered either as a Muslim "tipping of the proverbial hat" (joke) or as an intended lie that appeared to be a promise that America wouldn’t lie, and so though delivered as a double negative of ‘not lying’ about ‘not lying’ and so a needed "Muslim" truth telling.

Egyptians, though, I am wondering if you feel for me and because President Obama’s line about "America" doesn’t steal from it "people" is actually a plagarized rhyme and reason years mugged by Clintons during their eight years of triangulating to hold power on others works.

Yes President Obama and the Pelosi Congress did with their "cutting the corners" of our democracy fundamentals were to a willful and knowing attempt to steal just money as well.

It was probably mostly Americans that heard the Clintons, in troubled days, politically speaking, espouse a "need to get back to the center" and so much of a lesser knowing that near every time I heard such I tried to get to a proverbial bunker to keep them from "triangulating" about be to mug another solution to save their selfish political selves from their own ruinous tendencies. 

Yes I wish I could have relied upon the "social media" today as for a better sense of timing and support for my "home team" of my college - Villanova University.  Yes I wish I hadn’t turned on the TV and found game against Georgetown underway while thinking my attention and support was needed at a different time.

Yes, I still think President Obama deserves an "F" for his Cairo Speech and only partly for his audacity in thinking he had enough character and personal experience to so speak to the Muslim World as an expert in everything theirs. 


Only a limited few have read my THE CHARGE OF NEW FEDERALISM or the letter to the editors of the New Haven Register from back near when "Barry" Obama was still unpublished and nearer a Harvard Law student, and its first black student head of their Law Review.

Yes, many at the New York Times likely could have reported such for "similarities" since Clintons were elected and maybe come to my defense every time the Clintons got in trouble with their own political instincts and needed to got to another triangulated mugging with another "we need to get back to the center" and even those years they left me to be a "food rep" in New England at times in Stop and Shops and IGAs checking NoNonsense and Trojan displays for dust and expiration dates.

Yes I was of coming up with such a thinking for America and the world for my own maybe more interesting and complex personal story than "Barry" Obama and for years as far back as early 70s when "Bill" and "Hillary" polled me about whether I as a near first grader thought they could both become president someday.  Basically my full answer was to a "no" but "Bill" wanted to get laid and lied to his future wife in front of me with an expectation that I even as a near man in just first grade would support his lying about my honest answer so that he could get laid.

WTF — "Win the Future"?

It is a "mad" thought that "Hillary" might have thought I might ever have been willing to work for her.  Certifiable quite!  Really sad how many times I may have heard her think such and yet while most of what they used and stole from me and at times with not too clever triangulation was developed to protect America and Americans and even others of our world from them and as much more a loyal and true Republican.  Just maddening that she could even think herself worthy of my helping her at all much past their first term - and so said with an attempt to be generous.

At this point I have to add to the complexity around "feminism" by mention a Metz that must have been equally confused to think herself worthy of her thinking "I had done it for her" when it really was my own story more complex and problem based to worked solutions that she was charitably added to and around my of years of holding thoughts of Clintons as someday useful as disposable politicians.  I did try to help Metz but that should have been seen as more business and of her of asking me to help her father and with "help my father" having in it a "global" help her father help save IBM or at least its marketing.  She is still better to be on my side and to a new an better understanding about such and to making a break from anything contaminated by Clintons.

See, she was a friend of my older sister and so of my already working in a feminism to help so many women with their issues of those years and so just go added much more in a concerned platonic to medical not medical way into a large grouping of women.  In no way was my politics and attempts at political solutions for those years only because of her - and especially for a study would show her ways have been tried again as very near Clintons and to the expected shortness of necessary thinking.

But now on the Cairo Speech and my offering to a "plagarism":

6-04-09 from Cairo University:

"America does not presume to know what is best for everyone, just as we would not presume to pick the outcome of a peaceful election.  But I do have an unyielding belief that all people yearn for certain things:  the ability to speak your mind and have a say in how you are governed; confidence in the rule of law and the equal administration of justice, government that is transparent and doesn’t steal from the people; the freedom to live as you choose.  These are not just American ideas; they are human rights.  And that is why we will support them everywhere."

Ok, there is a rythym and ryhme about some of these lines much more familiar to me than most, and from days before Larry King started talking about how great New Haven ice cream was.

Again, this was orated about President Obama disagreements with OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM and with a as well "domestic" proclamation that was very partisan with "all Bush’s fault."

Yes, while "Barry" Obama was still in Hawaii and likely still in High School I was of winning a science fair in New Haven in Middle School with team of two efforts about energy from hydro-electric power and also of taking a second place in Middle School’s Oratory Contest with FDR’s war declaring DAY OF INFAMY speech.

Yes, while "Barry" Obama was still quite nearly an unpublished Harvard Law Student and I still of a remembering of Clintons as to a someday usefulness as maybe disposable politicians I was of my "letter to the editors" of the New Haven Register of a ryhme and reason worked then seeming original and based on local and global concerns first about existing problems and then to a workable blending/solution in a better language usage.

Yes, Clintons’ rise was largely by some to much thinking by one dedicated to protecting others from the Clintons he knew and with them seeming useful against themselves for a better future for more, and more equally.

Yes, somehow it even got more confused but without the Clintons proving themselves to a "more worthy" than original and quite old "first impressions."

Yes, President Obama’s lines offering the near best merger of thinking to language for our times that was used with "America doesn’t steal from its people" proposition is actually the most lifted and plagarized poetry in his entire speech and so as I should know and recognize more than any other.

Though earlier in President Obama’s Cairo Speech at Cairo University he says too cleverly for my sensibilty:  "There must be a sustained effort to listen to each other; to learn from each other; to respect one another; and to seek common ground.  As the Holy Koran tells us:  ‘Be conscious of God and speak always the truth.’ That is what I will try to do today – to speak the truth as best I can, humbled by the task before us, and firm in my belief that the interests we share as human beings are far more powerful than the forces that drive us apart."  — The "not lie" about it "not a lie" as a double negative >>> Tell me that isn’t just "Muslim humor" - PLEASE!

And so these words them seeming original and needed were written and shared by me thinking I was offering a solution in a better usage of language and reasoning for my community and as well "poetically" so that other in our times might find it useful as well past divisive partisanship of our times.  Yes it was written to be "bi-partisan" or more "right of center" and was never written or meant to be obfuscated as a strickly Democrat and partisan "global" power grabbing initiative.

And so again, and as it was also to have crossed George Stephanopoulus’ desk in then Rep. Richard Gephardt’s office"

"Dear Congressman Gephardt,

I understand you are not running for President.  I hope it is not because you don’t think you are ready.  You did after all look more like the President when you gave the democratic response a while ago.  The fire was in your eyes and you had the presence.

New Haven, Connecticut is a city to watch.  There is a very subtle movement underway that might just set an example for all cities to follow…."

(and enclosed with such letter the "letter to editors" of New Haven Register dated June 8, 1991.):

"New Haven is a great city, with problems yes, but none that the culturally and diverse and talented peoples and businesses of the greater New Haven area can’t address and solve together.

Our biggest problem is that we have not learned how to work together.  The businesses and the voters of New Haven do not work as  a team.  We all need the same things:  A safer and more attractive city, more business and jobs, thus the chance to grow and become someone.  We all have a lot to learn and all need to become even smarter and more knowledgeable in order to turn New Haven into a premier city.  We have the raw talent, what we need is the leadership.

It is getting tiresome to listen to the candidates for mayor speaking of an either/or world, one in which the problems are seen in black and white simplicity.  There is a "new world order" emerging and what it amounts to is that if we, the people of the greater New Haven area, are to survive, let alone prosper in the world economy we hav to, out of economic necessity, resolve our differences.  We don’t have to like each other but we do have to learn to respect each other and our different backgrounds.  It is our great cultural diversity in New Haven that already makes the city great, regionally.

We can, however, no longer afford to just think regionally.  We now must compete globally.   To prepare for the improved competition we must get our city in order.  We need to discover and tap all the talent that is in New Haven, of any and every age, especially the kindergarteners.  After all it is their future as well as ours that we are trying to build.

To prepare for and adapt to the new world order we need the agility of youth, the ability to think freely and thus learn quickly.  Our age old ways may no longer be appropriate to the new world order.

The city of New Haven does need to become more attractive to prospective businesses as well as residents, shoppers, and tourists.  We must succeed in attracting more businesses, with their additional jobs, and also at the same time succeed in making the city a place people want to visit and spend their money.

What is seems we really need is a mayor who is characteristically a democrat, with concern for the people as foremost, and one who is also a republican with a focus on the interests of businesses.  This only sounds impossible because the term "democrat" now means th opposite of "republican" and vice versa.

It is no wonder then that campaigning has become negative when the democratic party and the republican party instead of worrying about the needs of the community, state and nation have instead focused on how to make themselves appear different and better than the other party.  It is about time that they realize the voters want substance in their representation.  We know what we need, and we know what we want.  So candidates, if you want to succeed show us you know how to listen, and know how to lead.  In a Democracy we aim to elect the candidate who will best serve our needs."

*** J. P. Hogan - June 8th of 1991 ***

Mind you I have just reread portions of DREAMS OF MY FATHER and now share an observation of how different the Cairo speech was in writing style than his earlier work about his basis for law and politics — very remarkable how "different" such styles are.

I do note that my "comment" about "plagarism" was of a likely continued usage of a rhyme and reasoning cleverly used without a re-usage of the specific words.

I have felt jarred from usage by them so playing with offerings of "isms" as their own for many years now and all those as one of such a creation with origins of a making and wrought of a hope to protect many from such using it so though meant for others and specifically not meant for them.

Yes, I have said I tried to save the Democrats from themselve and think I made it clear that they forgot to acquire the rights to my intellectual property in a manor reasonable and proper for their selfish desires of usage.  Still seems "mad" they even "Hillary" would entertain a single thought that I could possibly have a willingness to work for or with her, and so all the way back to before the Monica Lewinsky story broke reasoning.

President Obama has noticeably changed his style!

I am not sure I have — but then my style has been for so many years to as many practical understandings of life in my time as our Founding Fathers like Washington - Jefferson - Adams had brought to their own choice of words for "We the People" and our Constitution reasoning in their own time.

Yes, I was to many styles to be united later in words as attempted in 1991 by trying to learn as many of practical skills as most of our Founding Father’s possessed and in favor of strickly judging the texts in my own times. 

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