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Well it now seems certain we that we face a "bomber" of the worst type.

It now seems certain that the Time Square Bomber couldn’t have turned out to be a worst "type" of "terrorist"!

Mr. President are you now finally ready to fire your Secretary of State?

She and "Bill" are wearing on you like a pair of "cement boots"; Hillary and Bill are dragging you down.

Sure it is a "Penitent Bill" of a political fall for a "cover-up" and the "lies to officials" and "lies to the American People" that now travels the world "penitently" (?) either preaching against extramarital sex and/or mulitiple partners or just pushing condoms and "safe sex"! But?

We are now learning, and with Hillary’s State Department still of not being alert enough around a parental warning, of a son a possible radicalized danger before Christmas, so much more about how we with Time Square Bomber now are facing the worst type of "terrorist"!

Mr. President "the other shoe" has fallen, are you now ready to finally fire Hillary Clinton? 

Mr. President we now know we face the worst type of "terrorist" in Time Square incident of one that proves that Hillary Clinton’s policies as Secretary of State are not making us safer.

Mr. President the Clintons are dragging you down like a pair of "cement shoes/boots". I don’t know that there is a Republican skilled and willing to help you "fix" her mistakes without her being fired. Are you not now feeling her drag you down where once she was "your expert" that gave you "street cred" or "float"?

Mr. President what she has shown you is that her "expertise" and "readiness" is not making us safer and now with Time Square Incident that all the American hard earned monies she has been giving away is not making us safer.  Mr. President the Time Square Bomber is of a family seemingly financially benefiting from all the millions (and billions?) being given to Pakistan to "make us safer"!

It really is a sad day that all your hopes that Hillary could be of help now seems dashed. I don’t know whom you can turn to now, and now with her so long already there, but, how can you keep her around any longer?  She should have been picking up slack around TSA as well while without a permanent leader, and really just because of State’s failure to have priorities from her sufficient to have caught "Underwear Bomber" before Christmas.

I am not suggesting you fit her with concrete shoes but please give her "the boot" before it is way too late.  Her policies of just giving money to buy popularity isn’t working and Time Square Bomber of such a notable Pakistani family seems to establish that as highly plausible.

Mr. President how did you let her talk you into listening to "her expertise" and pursuing such foreign policies of just trying to buy peace by giving away hard earned American dollars when we may be needing it more at home for jobs?

Mr. President I know the Clintons were once formidable and even to "inevitable" but does their left know what their right is doing?

Mr. President your Secretary of State’s "policies" and her once "political usefulness" seem countered and exposed as more harmful than gainful.  It seems from family ties of this Time Square Bomber that her policies and her "leadership"/"readiness" are certainly not making us safer.

Mr. President, don’t you have the numbers yet?  Don’t you have the polls in yet that show as well that we are not getting "economic gain" with her attempts to just buy peace? 

Mr. President, how many jobs here at "home" can you create with such monies dispersed by Secretary of State Clintons policies, that now seem to not be "working"?

Wow, so there really was a loophole in our "no fly lists" that this "terrorist" knew of that nearly let him away and with from buying a cash ticket and counting on Emirates Airlines of practice of "usually" only updating its "no fly lists" once every twenty four hours? 

Oh, Hillary?  Mr. President was leaning on your experience and readiness, right?  Surely an "expert" like yourself must have known of such "loophole" and left it open, right?

Yes, it does appear that this Time Square Bomber was connected enough with our Pakistani allies through his family and friends there to have gotten into a Secretary of State Clinton visit event and just thrown a shoe, instead, but that wouldn’t help keep billions of US dollars flowing to our "allies" there like his family and friends as like a "windfall"! 

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