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At least President Obama hasn’t shut down the social media in America — How else might Egypt have avoided "American meddling in their internal affairs"?

His "Cairo moment" of a "new foundation" has crumbled and fallen, his promises to an America that wasn’t best to meddle seeming absent. I did give him a D- or an F for "failed" for such "speech to the Muslim world" oration. 

Where isn’t the vacuum, now?

President Obama was in such old speech so spouted in Cairo to a proclamation near: "American slaves got out of bondage peacefully and without violence."

President Obama came across in America to some with such speech as a denier of our own Civil War, and even the Buffalo Soldiers.

President Clinton and former First Lady Clinton would be better to be silent know on domestic and foreign "inheritances."

The only foundations that are now working well for President Obama are those that are not their own, mostly, and maybe only partly for the divergent dichotomies present in most of his as presented with by fundamentally opposed to an also present as good of the Clintons’ eight years.  Yes confusing that President Obama can front his policies and politics as other than quite opposite to the Clintons’ "surplus" and un-funding and under-fundings.

So Egypt?  And still with President Obama fresh on spouting in press conference with Chinese leader with "partisanship stops at the waters’ edge" and yet President Clinton very very partisan still and across most waters as an integrated cohort of Obama administration — WTF? What a confusing "way to future"! 

So this is about the Middle East and American "nation building" so it seems.  Boy did Robert Gibbs use "we" alot seeming to speak to what internal decisions Egypt should be to.

The legacy of the Clintons in the Middle East about "change" and freedoms is quite awful and quite bigoted against a specific religious sect - The Shia.  The politics and policies of Clintons now in the way of "Hillary" being "believable" are stark and sad as a recent part of America’s history in the Middle East.  Quite unthinkable their standing so pro-Sunni and pro-Ba’athist with a clear disregard to the majorities and Shia as such.  Have we ever before been so bigoted anywhere in the world against a peoples of a majority of a specific religious sect?

What a mess the "new foundation" so compromised by floats of Clintons much of spreading of contaminants and distressing.

All that is working for President Obama now seems to be the remaining hope and optimism Reaganesque to "a shinning city on a hill" sensibilities footed in federalism and our Constitution.

President Obama is restricted by his own tying of his own hands with his still shoveled opposition to OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM.

President Obama on freedom and rights for a state’s people - what?  But, he still is against such for the Shia of Iraq and seeming from his closeness with Clintons also of their official policies and opinion near "Iraqi Shia are incapable of governing themselves" – to again like >therefore America should stand with the available "strongman" for stability over improved rights or chance at better future nearer our "federalism."

I still believe "Federalism is devolving" was the symposium conclusion I heard then Senator Joseph Biden assert in New Haven back in 90s when I found a "open to public" THE EVOLUTION OR DEVOLUTION OF FEDERALISM event hosted by Yale Law students including his son. 

"Federalism is devolving" could be a good thing if it was spoken to a "corrupted" federalism reverting back to fundamental original basis.  That is not how I seem to remember Senator Biden concluding.

What worked in 90s wasn’t a charm and wit of Clintons so much as a continued march to a "shinning city on a hill" future by many who very much bought into Reagan and his common touch.

And now how often do we witness Democrats now just thinking they have to "act the part" with a presumption that such is all Reagan did and so miss how poorly cast for such performances some of them are, especially as for a portrayal in their own times?

So as with China so was spoken by President Obama "partisanship stops at the waters’ edge"!

So as with Davos so was spoken by President Clinton much "partisanship" taken way past many waters’ edges - and very very very partisanly!

Yes it has been a busy Friday – and yet this administration still seems without a consideration or understanding that the economics of the nineties was of our governance in our times and our economics of our times per free markets as "convergent" and towards a renewal around original federalism debating.

President Obama is now of efforts and a time to reverse spiriting once to "a shinning city on a hill" republican renewal and in a time that as well is proving inconvenient for governance and economics seeming on divergent yet evolutionary marches.

Evolutionary is the market of our time as driven by freedoms from technological advances/ingenuity and while our current Democrat set contaminating with their floating their own attempts to a "new foundation" and maybe stealing of credits, and yet while such Democrat set avoiding "perspective" especially about their own history.

Evolutionary is that our markets are of tech advances now available to aid freedom advancing and while our Democrat set still being shooted and poured more devolutionary to a distrust in Peoples proclaiming about their heralding way past waters’ edges in hard partisanship en masse to a need for an American strongman even for Americans and with way too much "centralization" to yes - socialism.

Yes, this is about troubles with "foundations" and maybe as confused as the "cementing" attempts by this odd lot of miss-matched and poorly cast cabal of Democrats.  I haven’t worked masonry in a while but did try to pay some literary tribute to masons and even with a literary use of "float" as to other trades with recent mention of rebuilt motorboat that had me just on trailer buying a new axle and the new hubs, wheels, leaf spring brackets and leaf springs and hitch and rollers and fenders and winch and licence plate holder and lights of my own hands in such with all welding and such but for the heavier welding for the spring mounts to axle.  And, yes the boat needed all new floor ribs and marine grade plywood floor and all the glass and epoxy and spray foam as well as then other more cosmetic parts of restoration.

Yes, today it could be said "Federalism is devolving" and because our current administration is seeming at attempts to fight the direction that evolutions in technology have been about for all and all more equally in our markets and economics.



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