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If you have been thinking that Sarah Palin is the quintessential "rogue" of our times - think again.

Today in Davos — so still presented unchecked and hardly challenged, another.

What has happened to America — What has happened to our politics and the media?

Can you think of one "critical" article of former President Bill Clinton as globe-trotting statesman?

Well, I cannot, and do doubt that you can.

It was charming how he wrapped up his political and partisan cohorting with a touch of science — but please it better for us to be remembering "every action has an equal and opposite reaction" as per each of former President Bill Clinton’s words.

He is neither here nor there yet both there and here and publicly partisan and seeming a willing "officer" of an administration and yet more of "on a cloud" of a new frontier.

In America that is "POLITICS" and loudly so as of a standard defining.

So, where is the critical pressing to measure and consider how each word he speaks or nods to calls our media and journalists supposedly to a considering of possible "opposite reactions" from such spouting?

Cover still though like a harmless hapless hand of an administration and quite an "officer" — and yet quite independent and rogue on a new and old and ancient frontier.

One didn’t have to hear all of former President Clinton’s spouting to here him here and there and yet not there or here in a fixed legality with check of media critiquing.

The media has been absent from an expected duty and dangerously so.

How alone is it a "danger" that the funding from Clinton Global Initiative is based more on the "untraceable" banking transactions common to Muslim world of banking without records on an established ‘honor’ system of one’s word?  How dangerous is it as a "rogue" technique to limit oversight that such a paperless "commitment" network allowed to operate without full Congressional oversight?

The Davos "rogue" is the quintessential "ROGUE" of our times, and quite neither here nor there on a new, old and ancient frontier long of checks and balances and media scrutiny and safety checks with media criticism for public consideration and feedback.

So we have a seeming establish agent of our country and our Constitution left unchecked on world stage acting as "in" and "out" and very partisan.


Simply, "undermining" to our fundamental principles?

Science is of laws about "every action has an equal and opposite reaction."

And how many are now compromised for of a silence about being taken as acceptance, at least?

I don’t recommend trying to hear his Davos remarks except to listen to such for dangers of him seeming neither here nor there and yet here and there and a little detached while still also acting selfishly and politically and very partisan.

His economics hardly make sense – and show today for more that even in his years what did work was less of his and his administrations hands or minds.

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