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He nearly got away with it.

Yet in the year of our Lord 2011 on January 26,  President Bill Clinton got outed by the loyalist rag the New York Times - long a protectorate press for his willy nilly ways.

They didn’t have to finally print the findings about the financial mess born from his infidel ways with a creation and coveting of a new game in "derivatives" — they could have found it news unfit to print.

But alas the great and mighty President William Jefferson Clinton got outed today.

But alas the New York Times had no choice but to finally announce such crises born of President Clinton with "derivatives" his baby.

Left out of such a partial and brief disclosure though is the "how?" and "why?" about infidel President Clinton of asking banks to try to "gamble away" the risks inherent and expected to predicted with a pursuit of a housing bubble economy he was seeking.  Left out was the other option that President Clinton and his "president’s men" could have instead balanced the "social welfare" of sought "housing bubble" machinations with the usual balance of federal spending for jobs.

He nearly got away with it — well, well, not really.

"He couldn’t help himself!"???  —  "It just in his ‘nature’ to play fast and loose!"???

Now what?  Now what that time has been wasted blaming the wrong President and "president’s men"?  Now what that "guilt" for financial mess more of the character and policies and politics specific to infidel President Clinton?

The wise economic policy for such a pursuit to a housing bubble with a vast relaxing of banking prudence there to fore common would have been to stay satisfied with a "balanced budget" pursuit and away from the unnecessary race to surplus popularity.

The wiser economic policy is still that President Clinton and his "president’s men" should have not taken another trillion out of federal spending for saving and creating jobs then in to effect out over the next decade or so, and, so assured that all those he wanted to commit into risky loans had a chance of having jobs to pay for such, and as a segment of the economy that historically needed federal or more local government spending to jobs creating.

He nearly got away with it — what now though that wrong president has been blamed for so long for that inherited from another and such another’s specific "playing" with prudence and general practice standards?

President Clinton was all about the "popularity" and maybe too focused on winning enough with trickery to buy "Hillary" the return to the White House he wanted.

Has President Obama been knowingly misleading the world about such?

Has "Hillary" been complicit in a cover-up with so much silence - so much silence around an actual knowing and participation?

What now to do — What now to do about Former President Bill Clinton as an extra-Constitutional globe trotting politician for his own power and fame?  What of the apparent conflicts allowed on an assumption of innocence about such with Clinton Global Initiative, and, CGI and State Department near rogue actors?

Our Constitution suggests such endeavor falls under a perview for our Congress and such that our Congress duty bound to approve near all contributions by foreigners and foreign officers and more specifically gifts from "Kings and Princes."

He nearly got away with it — that request that banks try to gamble away the expected risks from the housing bubble economics he wanted to push and push to there to fore "unworthy" that in all times past called for spending not "surplus" chasing to afford jobs for those targeted by President Clinton and his "president’s men."

So we have all largely been blaming the wrong eight years and wrong "leadership" and "inheritance" — What now?  Is the Clinton Global Initiative an unconstitutional construct, or just so barely "legal" it really should be considered "illegal"?  Is there really a loop-hole for past presidents to consider themselves "promoted" out from and above the office of the president?  This is how he is "living his dream" isn’t it?  And, again, with Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton the primary/sole government agent responsible for labeling his activities as "in support of terror" or "not."

And, now, really about the Middle East >>> how has such misplaced blaming and the Democrats GLOBAL WARMING ALARMISM crisis to necessary change so been a jobs killer abroad and specifically in oil rich Middle East?   How many jobs have these Democrats accidentally or purposefully removed from the people of the Middle East?  At what cost to global peace and stability?

And, now while still with so many silent and "knowing" about such a State of Union Speech towards a speedier politic of policies to kill off more jobs in oil rich Middle East?  At what cost to global peace and stability will such a rush to "green" be?

Well, maybe he didn’t "nearly get away with it" — maybe there was no place for Bill and Hillary Clinton to hide or hide their "president’s men"?

A "derivative" to Clintons was a way to game the system and while knowing it like to destabilize economics for years to come and with a thinking that their "popularity" gained could hide any later guilt from the "how and why" so wrought.

A "derivative" to Clintons was a way to cheat the fundamentals and move a risky social program forward without having to do or sell the unpopular federal funding that there to fore had always been needed around such thinking to create and save jobs.  They tried to essentially "have their cake and eat it to."

He/she nearly got away with it — but hardly since their "surplus" of taking out an unecessary extra trillion past the trillion suddenly removed to "balanced budget" was more like a political "doubling down" than a measured and reasoned calculated amount – it like was a trillion too much and just pulled out of thin political air.

So is Bill Clinton and his seeking to be like a global "chosen one" actually not protected in the laws of our state and its prudence to Posterity of so many guarantees and checks?  

And, how rediculous is it that such can exist with a spouse a seated Secretary of State. 

And, how odd that it can exist without being blasted as a CIA "front" or a "shadow" government.

And, how during President Bush administration was former President Clinton maybe to a unwarranted meddling in world affairs and harmful to progress of "governance" by the law of those eight years of Bush administration where Clintons together still working it locally and globally towards a securing of a return to their White House?

By what standards have we been led so astray?

By whose?  Really?

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