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So we learned that President Obama would like us to think of all teachers in America as federal agents in "nation building" answerable most to him.

So we learned he was willing to hint at how he had hoped he could have effected change more efficiently by edict and compliant state run media.

So we learned he has trouble with salmon.

Who was this cameleon?  What happened to "…we can believe in."?

Quite troubling again that another speech by President Obama offered insults to other nations and in ways one might expect a good Secretary of State to have caught and provided edits.  What was he thinking speaking of general compassion in our nation as something that "sets us apart" from other nations and seemingly completely?

Speech needed an apology to President Bush administration.

Dangerous this proposition that our teachers, all our teachers, should be now thought of as "nation builders" and so as federal agents answerable first to our President and his/her Department of Education.

What besides the seeming insult to near all other nations might now be made of speech by them and even the teachers as "nation builders" with us still embroiled in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq?

So we learned he has attempted to rewrite natural law.

So we learned as well he has trouble with salmon.

Hard to believe this isn’t a case of alien abduction — what have they done with our President — where is President B~~~ O~~~ of Constitutional Law professing?

President B~~~ O~~~?  About the salmon?  Have you just suggested we own no salmon in any waters?   Have you just suggested that any salmon ever to have been in fresh waters of our Department of Interior’s jurisdiction are now therefore forever the property of our state?  Have you suggested all salmon better of the "commerce" of Department of Commerce and therefore so forth that no salmon even found in fresh water are other than international property and fair game?  This seems yet further confusion fitting with your recent commentary so unexpected and near "alien" from you about "partisanship stops at the waters’ edge."

But yet that comment to all watching that an engine on a plane they are on might just fall off and they then would crash seemed about as off and yet so "alien" tonight.

But yet that talk of "security measures" for airplanes not assumed as to be needed if and when high speed rail maybe a reality seemed nonsensical — what planet are you living on and in which year?  High speed rail travel if effected may need as much and near identical security measures in America as travel by air for the opportunity to "spectacular" and "catastrophic" in "terror" domestic or by foreign agents and/or non-state actors – don’t you think?  And while wondering such why rush people places now that technology allows them to work near anywhere?

This must have been a case of alien abduction — Where has our President gone?   Who was this personage of too much change too quickly to be believable as anyone/anything maybe but a cameleon?

Responders seemed to have the law, science and math down more realistically and safeguarded.

Yes if high speed rail is to offer a "spectacular" and "catastophic" from terror it may need all the security of our travels by air, and, now in a time when those in America can attempt to enjoy and appreciate moving slower.

Wow, he really mentioned "nation builders" and as a desired ‘teachers as federal agents’ of a President and his/her Department of Education.

Wow, he really did have a Secretary of State to have kept him from opening remarks in a State of Union Speech that offered insults to most other nations with a proclamation near of America is only country with general compassion.

What have they done with our President?

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