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We are hardly into the "post Rahm Emanuel White House"!

>How about a game of Tic Tac Toe?

Are we past the "Obama as Ferris" and Rahm as "allegory" nuclear?

>Time to "go shopping"?

Pittsburgh is nearly Ohio’s third team!

>Boy, for a carpenter I did buy alot at Potomac Steel 3-12 years ago.

Pittsburgh is an "allegory" for what and/or of whom?

>Yikes, to a spin doctor it seemed a rebellion against "green"!

"Woody" and his Jets seem to have shown up out spent and out spun.

>Yowie, I had to turn it off after the first half.

And the "cave" of Rahm allegorical as "High Priest" or "Obama’s new Wright"?

>Beat on technicalities again?

And the "cave" of Rahm allegorical and contraindicative to "austerity"?

>Rahm can’t do "austere"?

Shouldn’t we be certain - shouldn’t we know?

>And who is Obama’s most reverend and ministerial "Wizard" or even "High Priest"?

The "Come Back Kid"?

>Sorry Mr. President saith Sec. Clinton - Bill and I own that one - here?

Time to go shopping — Please go shopping?

>Sorry Mr. President - you already were so saith "Emanuel" like and less than allegorical "nuclear" in a un-economical and un-bipartisan "owning" way about that too loudly and too demonstratively - politically speaking.

Bribery — Political wheeling and dealing - Mr. President?

>But you already spent more than we had/have and have no "money" to offer Republicans, right?

Rahm will be missed?

>Or your first non-monetary "offering" towards a new "bipartisanship"?

An offering of "justice" since you have no money to offer?

>The Administration of "NO!"?

An offering of Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton?

>A "RESET" for of the People with Government of laws and not government of men - a prelude to a disolution of the Clinton Global Initiative as a unregulated MONOPOLY extra-Constitutional and too "government of men" than a balanced American way around establish laws with democratic checks and balances?

We are hardly into the post "Rahm Emanuel White House"!

>How about more of "Obama as Ferris" and some Tic Tac Toe?

How about an "offering" of "Hillary" since you don’t have money to offer to buy your forgiveness? 

>To a new "RESET" with praise for path suggested by McCain/Palin still seeming the better eco path for our government and economics so spread opposing your way and to a renewal in TEA PARTY like state’s rights and responsibility and greater individuality?

How about that SHELLACKING?  How about that SHELLACKING?

>Seems since you have no money to offer an apology to Bush is alos necessary.


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