THE B TEAM - PLAN C {revised 1-22-11}

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Stepping in my foot steps to be of my old stealth media mogul past – Jeffery Immelt I have no reason or motivation to consider helping you.

I like the word "competition" but am now as concerned with its usage by Democrats as the word "is."

GE failed to bring some "good things" to light under you, and has been too partisan for my tastes.

It came as good news that NBC and other media and entertainment interests were being separated from GE.

I am not against helping Americans and people around the world to a new and improved economy but see now this would be the B team with a plan C when my plan A had been to have saved many of these Dems from themselves with less partisanship in 90s.  Alas time has proven it was pointless to have tried to save many or most of these Dems from themselves.

Yes, all these of FRIENDS, SIENFELD, LAW AND ORDER, ER, DIFFERENT STROKES, THIS OLD HOUSE, EXTREME MAKEOVER HOME EDITION, CSI, 24, GILMORE GIRLS, "POSITIVE CHANGE AT IBM IN 90s", THE STANLEY "SHORTCUTS" HANDSAW, MUCH OF MEDIA SHIFT TO A LESS RACIST/RACE BASED URBAN REPORTING, THE CLINTONS TO "ELECTABLE" IN 1992, and more have roots in my old efforts to encourage "positive change" and only partly to that mentioned "saving" Democrats from themselves.

Yes, my highschool swimteam co-tri-captains were "friends" encouraged after graduation to think of me as their "friend in NYC -even though I likely wouldn’t be there for years" and one a female Geller and the other the swimmer, David.  With me being J. Peter… also to man.

Democrats have given Republicans no reason to help them and no reason to trust them with so much generosity again as once too charitable with Clintons.  I do have problems with Republicans and for some of same period but don’t see them as too corrupt at the top to feel good about a bipartisan effort to encourage an "economy" theirs.

The selfish power reaching, grabbing and hogging by Clintons is too "corrupt" and "corrupting" for America.  Maybe without Clintons so close to Obama admin a little charity of bipartisan support could be tested again without so much "fool me once shame on you - fool me twice shame on me" in the air to warn against any further bipartisan support by Republicans to Democrats/Clintons.  The Clintons have abused almost all past charity so once parlayed with Republicans.

I will think about getting involved with FIRST TEE program towards a restoration of values and sport and sportsmanship around living and competition but helping you help a Democrat Admin is too rediculous to consider, so structured and cast.

Our Congress is writ to Constitutional Powers to impeach an officer of an Administration without also impeaching the Chief Executive of our office of the President.  I do hope the Republicans don’t avoid trying to address the "corruption" at the top of Democrat’s initiatives and staffing - I do hope I don’t lose motivation to help the other two parties.

The Clintons were never suspected to an assumption that my efforts were out there for their taking as their own and their own posterity, and nor did I think NBC would let them do so to one such a busy and successful muse of theirs.

Hi Comcast.

contact:  facebook.com/jpeterhogan

Query:  A incumbent President that announces their "campaign for reelection" before a State of the Union Speech is not then permitted to take political speech liberties with truths as "campaign" and "partisan" speech while tasked to duties and new promises around transparency and oaths for such a speech?

*{Revision:  No changes or edits needed for the above - some additional information as historical in past musings maybe be useful though.  While wondering if our "oath of office" of our office of the President calls such to being "representative" foremost and specifically above being a partisan ideologue to a different governance limited to "minority" support:  I still remember driving down Rockville Pike in Maryland in old 1988 Dodge B250 white cargo van during about a dozen or so years ago and thinking a 70’s show could help manage and entertain others in my circle that had more than one old van with a mattress built in and as well that in leaving law school the spring before Barry Obama started at Harvard a couple miles away I was of "school spirit" for only Villanova classmate left behind that wanted to become a JAG lawyer.  Also in all this would be EVERYONE LOVES RAYMOND as an ‘inspiration’ to keep more of my circle including family then living on Raymond Place networked in with my ambitions and with such a moment remembered while about Southern Connecticut State University campus in the midst of volunteering as New Haven Area Special Olympics Director of Support Services hoping to keep up moral and for years around such with thought that since I wanted to be like my maternal grandfather more than a bit remembering his early days as a sports writer in Boston so then maybe a show could be worked and to enclude earlier mentioned policing concerns with the real Officer Bill Barone then helping run cycling events.}   

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