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Where is the media today?

Whence upon a ways, a ways with human rights a pitch point profered…

How prefered - how now pressed?

Are they keeping their local beat?  Are they ready for flash mob apps?

Are we better to the Russian’s offered – into six separate parts you will fall, like?

Are we better to beat our media more local and more regional to six separate regional issues for most once just national periodicals?

The costs, the costs of delivery and publication are down, right?

The costs are now low enough to publish regional issues more specific to each of maybe six, right?

But really is media covering their beats?  Even if read all over?

A Priest, a Rabbi and an Imam walk into a opium den in Pittsburgh.

Saddam Hussein had a way to beat the United States with media allowing him to be read all over and almost so but for a decentralizing in our urban areas that took away his chance to assert himself a better "leader" than Americans - like just look at their cities…?

If say Chief William Bratton hadn’t been to comstats earlier in Boston departments could he or another have been ready to turn around the conditions in the New York City transit dept?

Could Chief Nick Pastore have decentralized the New Haven Dept and ushered in "Community Policing"?

Could Deputy Dean Esserman have taken what he learned from one and brought it to another with just his law degree, or did he need the police academy training of New Haven Dept?

Sure Saddam Hussein had the sad state of our cities to support his desire to stay in power, but we got on such in time and with enough effect such that a fair prosecution of Saddam Hussein could have commenced within the Clintons’ first term, and with it then able to fit in the "read all over" messaging fitting with America’s attempt to save its own cities.

Where is the media today?  Are we now to a place where an encouraging of diversity and individuality a best path to greater readership and ad dollars?

Where is the media today?  Is it representing its local beat and encouraging new gen contributions in art and community?  Costs are lower - more detail and specifics should be more affordable not less, right?

Yes, it was effected so such that a OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM by another name, maybe, was an available proposition for years within the first term of Clintons. 

But alas such seemed too much to expect from Clintons.

So Madam Secretary of State Mrs. Willam Jefferson Clinton likely not to be reincarnated as a panda nor a zebra - one a fair "referee" and/or "officer" in their own time likely later only just to such a new life?

But alas, with march of beats to "Community Policing" and even "Liveable Cities" we were pressed and ready to entwine an earlier prosecution of Saddam Hussein and arrest the festering sense of "abandonment" spreading in Iraq. 

But alas, our entertainment was primed and tuned to such beat, but such was little known or considered.

Has anyone been known to have been reincarnated as a skunk?

How to keep the plot alive - how to keep the "equal justice" linked?

To Los Angeles?  To Washington DC?  THE DISTRICT worked it so.

The "New World Order" was afoot and moving fast, and Saddam seemed to think he had a way to monopolize to his own personal gain.

So too the "actors" in our politics - the Clintons - involved but sadly for much "inaction" and "avoidance" and efforts to new and better "walls of separation" to limit spread of "equal justice for all" then working to wider and stronger global basis.

The entertainment world was ready for a greater "seen all over" for more and more equally, yes, yes, for I should know - it was a preoccupation of mine to muse to make and keep it so.  So though, alas, the hoped for shortest and easiest concieved path for such wasn’t possible - the longer and harder road maybe the only one "reasonable" and not "too optimistic" while the "too optimistic" was thought "possible."

THE DISTRICT worked to such and like with a move to slower plan B or C.

Chief Ramsey and Deputy Gainer seemed fitting for new Mayor Williams attempts.  "Chief Ramsey" had an air of history about his name maybe necessary for a better "read all over" to such a hoped for "equal justice for all" beat.

Chief Dean Esserman, my old neighbor in New Haven, how goes Providence?

Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey how goes Philadelphia?

Sergeant at Arms of the Senate Terrance Gainer do you miss Chicago?

LAPD Charles Beck - I do mean to visit your city - no plans yet though.

Where is the media today?  Have they missed they were primed to cover an earlier prosecution of Saddam Hussein that could have fit with all the efforts to decentralize and improve our American cities?

Note:  Old, former, and, big fan of SPENCER FOR HIRE show.

contact: facebook.com/jpeterhogan

ps.  We could use the near "The US will fall apart into six separate regions - and to a new media model maybe with six separate e-issues of TOWN AND COUNTRY or MARIE CLAIRE and/or REDBOOK?

pps.  Six OPRAH magazines just for America’s regional dialects and interests?  And, how so in an America of a Hearst’s old first NYC media move of an acquisition of HOGAN’S ALLEY and later to that year of my graduation from Villanova University with a BA in Economics, an undeclared minor in Philosophy, twelve credits of Modern Standard Arabic, and three in Pascal programming, where graduation days near those of FBI announcing its new training facility to be named "HOGAN’S ALLEY"? 

ppps.  Yes I have always just been a citizen wondering what I could do for my country though at times more to a wondering about my own cities, and do remember "Sarge" Shriver from at least one Special Olympic event I was at for "training of coaches" and/or training for those volunteering as myself in games management.  His only words spoken to me were more spoken for me when he suggested to his wife that she move to stop blocking my view of the television.  I did spend years volunteering in New Haven and Ct games as a Director of Support Services (Operations) and with some time spent coaching a couple skaters towards their hopes in speed skating. I also spent time when with less time to volunteer with games in reduced commitments on team of evaluators, but not past 1994.

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