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Oh, the "pumpkin patch" of daily living.

Today to wake and relate and celebrate life and for the whole day as much as possible and with as much more as possible with planning considerations, ahh!

I am bound to this now, this riding, and such so now weight loss must start setting in soon, especially since I know I am eating fewer calories than my special scale is telling me I should eat for someone my age and my height as an athelete with so much muscle mass and fat percentage.  I should think of catching the Port Jefferson Ferry some day and riding out to Hamptons.  Too Gatsby?

Well the whether seems fair and the blossoms considered, ahh.

We do not have a socialist state so to ride still is to consider local customs and differentialled wards.   Isn’t it great that a tour of one town not just another "vanilla" tour as just socialized like another?  If I had an Ipod today I think I would ride hoping to have THE FEDERALIST PAPERS as a book on audio.

I am in the market for a new bike chain as mine has passed to ’stretched’ as happens to most chains by 2,000 miles or for me 20 plus years.  It still shifts fine and is kept clean and lubricated so I am not wearing out cogs and chainrings too much with such chain now not measuring links at twelve inches center to center or "less than 12 1/16" center to center but now to 12 3/16ths.

Route is being considered and spirit of ride and what I may cross paths with while out moving with others today.

Seems a day for ride to be of remembering how I came to citizenrosebud.com considering and how back to 1983 of so of grand start/conception as of myself "more a Citizen Rosebud than a Citizen Kane" and as a defense of Hearst legacy.

So today may be a ride of considering Hearst still and happily so still from such days of conception.  Such really puts the "art" and proper "history of art" in my work maybe more "art" to some than others. 

So, sooner or later on such route still and now with citizenrosebud.com still to "become" a new national new media site celebrating individual states and their political art, not mine but as so an "editor" might effect by narrowing.  Am I ready to know all of our governors and many of our mayors?  Have my years of efforts towards touring to celebrate lack of socialism in America now prepared me for such a media celebration of what is different and unique across our country?

Well, now to ready still to ride wondering what is in your patches, and with hope still that it hasn’t been corrupted and "vanillaed" in socialism, national.

Are you my facebook friend?  Did you read my sarcasm on immigration this morning that we could embrace a socialist solution to immigration and just start billing Mexico and other Central and South American feeder states of illegal immigrants so to get the funds from their "5%" of richest peoples to cover the cost of those their legal responsibility in "citizenship" oversight?  Surely the real problem in illegal immigration is that our nation and the wealthy and successful hard workers of America are actually paying for and so supporting the peoples/subjects of other nations and their tax bases?

Well, come to think of it such could be seen as a capitalist solution too, right?  Or would that not "sell"?

So, what are you doing today to affirm life and nature?

And, now back to considering my route.

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