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I know - I know - you all are waiting with baited breath to see if the United States of America wins the last battle of the Cold War.

I get it - I get it - you all are now preoccupied with CSPAN "live" coverage of House commentary before the "vote" maybe to signal the final end to the Cold War.

Clearly we are in Afghanistan now no longer as Bush administration was and now so no longer there in battles and struggles still of the Cold War.

Clearly we are past Operation Iraqi Freedom being an unfinished conflict "of" the Cold War and the collateral rendered around the Middle East.

I know - I get it - Afghanistan was once the Gettysburg of the Cold War.

I get it - I know it - Saddam Hussein did try to write a different end to the Cold War than the United States of America was designed to sit back and allow when of so much history of necessary entanglements of "war time" compromises.

But Mr. President?  "… at the waters’ edge" today of all days and as part of a state visit presser?

Is the HR 2 (? Health Care Law ?) vote to be about 5:30 pm today in our House of Representatives the last necessary battle still of the Cold War?

And today another "depends what the definition of is is" moment by a Democrat in office - our most executive office - whence President Barack Hussein Obama shot from the hip (unprepared?) with his comment near spoken as "I too believe partisanship stops at the waters’ edge."

Where is Justice Alito?  Where is Representative Wilson?  Where is Kenneth Starr?

Chime in Middle East?

Chime in especially if you remember or were more a direct witness to the start by Clintons in 1993 whence their "partisanship" had no borders when they asked leaders of the Middle East countries to please "just blame" the past "problems" on American Republicans.

A State "mulligan" Mr. President?

A "honeymoon" for a new "civility" Mr. President?

A "honeymoon" for you because you asked the other parties to be more civil and need time yourself?

I remember the Clintons’ early move to create a hard line for global partisanship, and have to think your appointment of Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton was towards furthering their efforts to make parts of the non United States states to "blue states" and "loyal" - to them.  I don’t remember "partisanship stopping at the waters’ edge" with the Clintons - though so said while remembering bipartisan efforts of Republicans pushed with generosity to bring Clintons’ into the global workability within some continuance of parts of Reagan Revolution.

Does the House of Representative vote tonight on "Obamacare" repeal, however titled and recorded, stand to be recorded as the last or near last battle of the Cold War struggles to thwart the spread of communism?  Of any "occassion" possible for such a declaration of "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED" no matter how late can there be one more poignant?

Mr. President you didn’t speak "seriously" with your use of  near "I too believe partisanship stops at the waters’ edge"?  You were jesting with your Republican Party memember now an Ambassador and possible opponent in 2012 presidential race?

Mr. President?  You of "all the fault of Bush’s eight years" were only jesting, right?

Mr. President?  You were only jesting, right — right since you do have maybe the most partisan and polarizing Secretary of State appointed in a long time?

I do remember the Clintons’ first moves in State "diplomacy" being of an asking of leaders of other sovereign states to near "please just blame the Republicans."

Sorry, seems a little late for a "do over" or "fifty - fifty."

Well, unless we turn to Samuel Richard "Sandy" Berger conundrum with a new "foundation" to "it must have been at least half the fault or more of Clintons" or at least their National Security Advisor so that Clintons again have another to "throw under the bus."

Hmmm, wasn’t it a British General Clinton who was still of fighting the Revolutionary War - against us - after an end was declared? 

Hmmm, wasn’t President William Jefferson Clinton born William Blythe III?

Hmmm, was the telling true that Hillary Rodham was raised to "hit the boys first"?

Hmmm, President on "partisanship" today - live - before the watching world?

Hmmm, wasn’t it yet another Clinton once Governor of New York that necesitated the writing of the FEDERALIST PAPERS so that his arguments against our ordaining a confederate republic could be overcome?

Hmmm?   What of such near "it is all the fault of the past eight years" and " it is all Bush’s fault"?

Yikes, there are more "other alternatives" that could have been tried before Obamacare than I can remember, and yet I remember Clintons’ start in Middle East being of "please just blame Republicans" and with such then a wedge used against leaders of Middle East during Clintons’ years with them "holding them on their honor" with a agreeing so once, thus maybe leaving Middle East honor bound not to "respond" until Clintons were no longer in office, and in office holding them to a near rediculous partisanship yet one still "promised" upon.


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