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Yes we can "create jobs" by ushering in a new centralized socialism.

Yes we could though still "decentralize" our priorities and encourage towns/cities and counties to a better "local" model for "global" competitiveness on a "playing field" where "reality show" status still possible in a moderated market based competitiveness in globality.

Yes we don’t need to appoint a national czar to build an army of "nationalized" "local" "bread line monitors" beholden to a distant Washington. 

There are likely more jobs and comaraderie and community renewal in taking a more Washington "hands off" approach even more so than a Washington "invisible hand" approach where "modesty" by Washington would be expected, and such to a GLOBAL "level field" where our towns/cities and counties would have to build better communities for business and specifically tourism and healthcare as our technological advances give them opportunities to do for their own region what Washington once was the only player in town about.

How has Washington so been to "solutions" that inhibit individuals and their regions and their dreaming to more competitive techno sav to better global play?

How can we so soon so walk all over the dedication and loss of our "Greatest Gen" and their’s and many others’ sacrifices towards thwarting the spread of communism and fascism?

Why cannot Washington try a "hands off" approach and let the individuals of the United States of America, and their communities, find their way, and be allowed to find a new way, as new "techno" offers new and great empowerment?

The way of the bread line monitor job offering?

This way to a Washington that after helping give Americans, all Americans, such new technology, and its empowerment, still to a "necessary" near "take back" and over-lording to limit new power in their zones?


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