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"When I wrote the following pages, or rather the bulk of them, I lived alone, in the woods, a mile from any neighbor, in a house which I had built myself, on the shore of Walden Pond, in Concord, Massachusetts, and earned my living by the labor of my hands only.   I lived there two years and two months.   At present I am a sojourner in civilized life again."*

What a loner!

I am not sure I have ever read much more than this of Henry David Thoreau, of his "Economy" or his "Walden."

*{Walden -"Civil Disobedience", Henry David Thoreau, Signet Classic, New American Library, Times Mirror, New York, c. 1960}

Would Democrats today, especially liberals of Massachusetts today, a lesser of the bulk of them at least, be of an opinion, today, about New England safety, and elitism, and community, to a shame, and a contraction, punctuated with emphasis, and constructions, with dramatic pause, respectful of a greater good, and good governance, and better demonstraness, demonstrated civily, and well permitted, but restrictive to a new "Walden"?

Langston Hughes once wrote.

Yet, how ugly, on a global scale, was Clintons’, and Massachusetts’ elite friends’, and accomplices’, and fellow officers’, of greater charge, and duty/duties, renditions, and mad marketing, and doctoring, in spin, and constructions, when once afoot, with UNIVERSAL, in UNIVERSAL COVERAGE, in Hillarycare I, of Dems’ overreaching, and stretching beyond our Constitution, and civility though guaranteed, and secured, humbly, and strongly, for all, within, by a usage to "popular" in domestic, naturally to a riling, and, demeaning, and disappointing, abroad?   How UGLY was there "disobedience" to our Constitution and American sense, and history, of calling something just for us so something for everyone, but NOT?  Depended it did on Universal not meaning "Universal"?

Yes, Langston Hughes did once write.

Yet, how ugly, and years later, was the GLOBAL WARMING ALARMISM, of Massachusetts’ elite Al Gore, of Harvard University education, and reputation, for his putting polar bears, and their rights, above many, and many Shia, in Middle East, and those being beaten, by the Taliban, so reported, but again still, with a perpetuation that Clinton/Gore had been of due dilligence, and obedience to our Constitution, while pushing PEACE DIVIDENDS, of a PEACE that must not have been in their "reports"?

Daring is:  Daring of a Civil poet:  Daring of a Civil War Era poet: 

"A woman at auction,  She too is not only herself. . . .she is the teaming mother of mothers,  She is the bearer of them that shall grow and become mates to the mothers.

Her daughters or their daughters’ daughters . . who knows who shall mate with them?  Who knows through the centuries what heroes may come from them?"*

*{Walt Whitman, Selected Poems, a selected few lines, a few lines also of [I SING THE BODY ELECTRIC].  Some lines so from a Civil War Era poet.}

Yes, Langston Hughes used to write, and boy could he write.

Yet, daring is Walt Whitman "singing" the body "electric" with a mention of  a woman "at auction."

So essentially Al and Hillary just don’t write well?  They just don’t know how to balance selling with prudence and proper governance?

Yes, Langston Hughes could write - but yikes if they are now about "correcting" Twain what would they do to Hughes’ spelling and grammar?

What if Henry David Thoreau hadn’t had such a French name?  What if he had been born a "Charles David Loughner" or a "Shirley Adams Henry"?

"A woman at auction"  >>>  A mother of mothers - for sale or buying, or shopping French second hand art or furniture?   Daring, even for our times.

Man Up!  On Walden?  Now, to "Woman Up!"?

Whatcha doan?  U bld tht?   What’s velvet?  Y dn’t U du plumb or level?

>While walking down Newbury Street one day…

>Heavy with false patriots, typing away…

>{left foot - right foot - left foot - right foot///}

>Heavy for an America stood up to false science and poor planning to a "green."

>{left foot - right foot - left foot - right foot///}

>A pondering, a pondering — How did so many New England elite leave out the "morals"?   Go Green!  but no "bottom" to their cause - no go ‘green’ but only so far and so quickly and not as they did to a go ‘green’ but if you go so green that you become or already are a cave dwelling illiterate we will come and put you in our sights and shoot first?

>A pondering, a pondering — Yes Langston Hughes could write, could he though get published today?  —  Oh and the mass "immoral" in "Hillary’s" UNIVERSAL CARE as to a new American ugly elitism for all, and without them really asking for it so or such!

ECONOMY —  They must not have studied it?  They missed the "humanity"?

ECONOMY —  President Obama is a Massachusetts’ elite. . . .Pres B~~~ O~~~ meant to do WALDEN for all? —  Until he pronounces now with their "science" that they have saved the earth it is to an "immoral" and of an "irresponsible" to create or save a job?  —  A job means "work" and "work" means "energy" and "energy" means "heat" and "heat" still mostly comes from carbon consumption, and they these elites didn’t put a bottom on their rebellion/insurrection.  

ECONOMY — Their "priorities" are set and so to an assimilation to "save the earth first" - jobs? – So what?   Until they pronounce they have saved the earth we must wait and wait and wait to learn it is safe to "work" - to work "morally" again – can you imagine how guilty the "haves" must feel not being "morally" allowed to endear "work" for others as once more a welcomed "calling"?   At least the Dems took most of such "guilt" upon themselves for with a "taking" from the "haves" they too are to an "immoral" if to give to the have nots for "work" until such time as Dems’ "science" registers that "Dems have saved the Earth."

POLITICS — Those of such a poor planning and poor science may not be capable of a ‘two-thirds’ vote in both the Senate and our House of Representatives to a "removal" of such past "insurrection" or "rebellion" sworn against once?

CIVICS — What if Langston Hughes had been "Langston Hughes Thoreau"?

CIVICS — GO GREEN!  But check your science and moral, better?  Better than _________?

CIVICS — On Walden >>>  What to wear near public - in public? <<<

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