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Remember the Howard Dean campaign? 

Remember the "yYAAAAAA" SCREAM?

When our doctors go bad and to a lower (political) standard what comes next?

Howard Dean M.D. is a Democrat from the "most white" state in America and arguably an admitted "socialist" - this is American, our "melting pot" so such "presented" as "fact" not "judgement."

However, it was in his own words after loosing such old campaign that he summed his loss up with a confession/an analysis that he had run afoul of the "mental health clarity act" — as a doctor who had been trained to know better.

Dumbing down political speak for political advantage does have risks, such is what he must have been admitting to having known that he should have ‘known better’ than to have done himself, time, and time, again, during such campaign.

As a doctor Howard Dean was expected to use his "education" to avoid "mid-term probation" in an academic metaphor and not to once or regularly "ignore" his "higher education" for personal political play and advantage.  At least, as interpreted, within "first do no harm."

When our doctors go bad and to a lower (political) standard what comes next? Professional review board? Public license revocation?

Yes, if President Obama were a "doctor" and not a lawyer "expected to argue both sides of each issue" and be "prepared to argue and defend both sides" he could be so accused now, professionally, as still Howard Dean and Dems persist.

I do not know what the American Bar Association "legal" and "professional ethics" may expect from politicians of their association, but do know it was Howard Dean M.D. in his own words after his defeat speaking lightly with a confession that "he had run afoul of the mental health clarity act." (remembered, not source quoted - so maybe paraphrased here by me.)

We had President Clinton to impeachment review and a few disbarring professional knock-downs and while prosecutor Ken Starr seems to have thought he had enough to also pursue First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, Esq. Was First Lady Clinton at least a willing accomplice?  Did her "insistance" to "official" West Wing "duties" open her up to more public scruting - judicial prosectution than "First Lady" office usually allows?  (hmmm — better check back and look for more detail on what it was Starr thought he could "get" "Hillary" on with his legal pen.)

Senator Kerry has spent years dumbing down issues in our foreign policy for partisan political advantage and no more maybe than with his "anti-war" revival cored with Iraq made into a one issue conflict.

Former Senator Al Gore has spent years dumbing down issues with faulty "science" and such to much fault in crashing our economy so that "housing bubble economy" of Clintons’ "dumbing" stumbled and secured an more damaging "down-turn."

When our doctors go bad and to a lower (political) standard what comes next?

Were 2008 elections our most "uniformed" deciding by us our People in our history as a young nation? 

Are many in main stream media now wondering how to mend themselves and clean their hands of such?

Were 2008 elections our most "uniformed" deciding by us our People in our history and because the Democrats were knowing and purposeful to a "dumbing down" for partisan political advantage that did harm first to our nation’s general mental health welfare?

Bush may have "lied" he may have had "general Welfare" in mind and "greater good" - I cannot say if he was "right" or "wrong"!

I can say that Democrats did "lie" more to work a "misunderstanding" across our elections for partisan political gain!

When lawyers play fast and loose and choose to "represent" only their partisan minority, while elected to lead "majority"?

Anyone?  A doctor?  A lawyer?  An ethics board?  A Congressional "committee"?

Democrats have been lying more - haven’t they? 

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