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So is today a day to abuse press liberties?

Are we all lucky even though Secretary of State Clinton did acknowledge World Press Freedom Day, and lucky that this May 3, 2010 has us not with "President Hillary Rodham Clinton"?

If an attack not a dud as it were in Time Square can be said to be arguable as with most political domestic benefit to Secretary of State Clinton and the maintenance of the "legacy" of Bill, we should write and publish to get such discussed in the public arena?  Even if it were a dud? 

The Bush administration can be argued to have reduced the "America is evil" and on top of Iran’s enemies list and left such a good inheritance for President Obama as not done by the Clinton "two-fer" for their successor, but, should we talk about it and push it in public arena as currently relevant?

See: Now, especially with the Global Warming scare post Bush successes, Iran should see India and China and the old Soviet States as greater "enemies" and political "targets" what with the oil usage that they will want supplied cheaply and then all the local polution that will waft into Iran and endanger the health and environments of Irani people and vegetation and wild life.  And, if about women going about in public "uncovered" than we should definitely only be attacked after Brazil and so for all its topless beaches.  But is today a day to discuss such and attempt to make it a part of today’s public discourse and discussion?

Well, ok, Time Square:  Well if a Holy Warrior on a terrorist bender then a "just cause" must be at heart of "motive"!  If just an evil doer than just a thrill likely the "motive"!  And if an international political power play to save or create "power" than a "domestic" player and benefit likely at heart of "motive"!  But, should we discuss such today and try to focus national "heat" and attention on possible homegrown political play and players?

Well, maybe Bill was right that "domestic terrorists" are back but is it right to even attempt to argue that a "right wing extremist" less likely than a "left wing extremist ‘loyalist’ likely?

But, did "Bill" call it "domestic terrorism" or just something else? 

Well, I hope you have had a good World Press Freedom Day this May 3, 2010 and feel still safer for its freedom and protections.

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