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Until today President Barack Hussein Obama had been the accepted titular head of two equal branches of our federal government.   Well, maybe more so than just "titular."

We have three "branches" (equal branches) in our Federal Government, some even read about such today.

Have you read your Constitution today — did you read along with Congress?

Did you hear the part with "in the year of our Lord" with us in a marking of our days with the Christian calender later "amended" some with our First Amendment?

I guess understanding what is written can be difficult at times.

Are you ready?  Have you readied yourself?  Have you steeled yourself for austerity issues?

Have the Clintons been most to this "failing" of 111th and President Barack Hussein Obama such that now our President may have been rendered near a "titular" head and of only one branch?

There is much history and precedence that our Congress to an equal right to determine the fix.

If it is now to "austerity" the Clintons might want to sneak away and hide — their eight years are going to get a long overdue "edit" in the public eye.  Have their plans backfired?

Are you ready for C.O.L.A. rollbacks and with efforts to lower the cost of living while accepting newly permissible effectings in valuations and revaluations once unthinkable?

Not much we can do about just National Security imperatives nor that President Clinton use to whine that President Bush had "left him a war."  Not much that we can do now that the less expensive options for Afghanistan and Iraq passed with the "avoidance" and "inaction" of the eight years of Clintons.

Lucky these past two years didn’t see those in Washington as politicians and bureaucrats of governance unchecked by a state media - a media controlled by them.

How much are the eight years of the Clintons to blame?  How did so much of what Obama and 111th Dems call "necessary" seem so different and opposed to Clintons’ rash unfunding and underfunding to a unnecessary surplus years before its time?

AND THEN THERE WAS ONE — and the one was the United States of America - as a lone superpower.   How poorly did the Clintons govern and lead relative to such a rare and unplanned global status updating for us?   With each "austerity" measure many should now be asking, and with clear and measured accounting to a overdue "compare and contrast" with Bush eight years.

We didn’t need 9/11!  We didn’t need 9/11!  We didn’t need 9/11 as an excuse to re-enter Afghanistan for humane purposes those Clinton eight years our early exit and absence let fester an "abandonment" and danger we had moral case to from our earlier presence and early exit?

We didn’t need Operation Iraqi Freedom?  We didn’t need to wait so long to live up to hour historical post war precedence of prosecutions and fair trials like Nuremberg?  It was also wrong to pass those eight years of Clintons with their official line for Iraq of a peoples of a majority as "not capable of governing themselves" and with such a "peoples" of a specific religion/sect?

AND THEN THERE WAS ONE — and defense and intelligence cuts and cuts and more cuts and PEACE DIVIDENDS before their time.  Did the Clintons use the CIA to lie about "peace"?

Now that President Obama is down to just one, how much will he too be blaming the Clintons?

Now that defense cuts not to be left out of work further in our CRISIS OF VALUATION that now has "revaluations" an allowed and available tool towards lowering "costs of living" but not "standard of living" we may still stand alone or near alone.

It is arguable that the size of the "coalition" for OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM had to be smaller than the "coalition" for the PERSIAN GULF WAR and because "volunteer armed forces" essential for such to be a "liberation" not an "occupation" and so of "stand down as they stand up" sensibilities.

And, well The United States of America is few among many with an armed forces of volunteers.

Can President Obama govern without the Clintons?  Can he avoid "TITULAR HEAD"?

Three equal branches, right?  Boy can he shake "deputy president" to Clintons?

The one was the United States near unique with its volunteer armed forces beholden to their Constitution.

Luckily the Dems these past couple years were pressed by a media not "state run."

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