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See I never both expected my Christmas giftcard order gift to have arrived so timely nor that Bella may have need to be walked under all the proper and necessary municiple scrutiny of NYC law and ordinances.

See I also never expected that my purchase for new "walking shoes" in spirit of New Balance as "running shoes" would arrive today and not inconsequentially tomorrow as just NYC walking shoes designed appropriately in the spirit of cheap journo simple styling in journo fashionisto to match Sears suits in Arrow brand on year end sales.

See I also never expected that my new sneakers as ordered as New Balance 2010 910s would  be an "artistic" omage to future Constitutional concerns that should be of a leading to such a judgement that both "Bill" and "Hillary" end up in "Gitmo" with "indefinite" confinement the proper consideration.

I had no idea I had ordered from LL Bean a pair of last years sneaker model of their 9/10 modeling that seems most designed to be the best shoe wear for NYC walk about in 2011 and beyond – a dark gray pair of New Balance 910 sneakers to replace an near worn out pair of same brand but with "twin towers" in the "N" on the sides, artistically.

I had no idea I had ordered a pair of sneakers as running or walking shoes best for NYC and journos as a darker pair more stylish to NYC pedestrian time in suits.

It was an on sale item fitting my last LL Bean order but now maybe adjusted past the old sell them to being a larger shoe size than they thought they fit.  Hmmm, did I want the smaller size if to wear such with dress socks, or didn’t I.  Was there a conspiracy among sneaker companies to sell shoes with larger marked sizes than a same foot would choice for "dress shoes"?

So now I know I have a new pair of sneakers that seemed to be to a "new balance" considering to 9/10 for preventing another 9/11and remembering.   Probably best to keep them mostly for walking.

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