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Today is December 31, 2010.

How abused were your senses this past year, especially your political senses?

Do you know whom is actually running The White House, the admin supposed to be of an evangelizing and "personality" governance of President B~~~ O~~~? 

Do you think the Clinton "two-fer" has hindered more than helped as it jostled President at most moments he attempted to show his "personality" superior to theirs?

Did it all fall to Pres B~~~ O~~~ "personality" of a young "dude" on an Hawaiian beach smoking a cigarette in a cigarette holder in surfer casual or "surfer nonchalance" with "what’s another trillion, dude/dudette?"

It has just been WRONG with a capital W, a capital R, a capital O, a capital N, and a capital G!   It is wrong how the former first lady’s "popularity" is maintained for "Hillary."   It was wrong that she was allowed to campaign with the full protection of the secret service provided a term limited First Couple, and the tradition and expectations of "pomp and circumstance."

How abused were your "traditions" and "respect" naturally extended all past First Ladies as near like royalty not to be dissed or "touched"?   Do you mind her inflated "popularity" that starts each morning with professionals likely first "reminding" as many as possible to first present her a such a "do not touch" former First Lady as grand as the history of our Country and Presidency permits?

Like we aren’t even supposed to ask: "Who is Hillary?"  as "WHAT?" is what we are encouraged and nudged to only considering and in the grandest possible "tradition" for her benefit without "personal" consideration.

Like what would her campaign have looked like if not of the full pomp and circumstance with full protection allowing her to be more "the office" than a "person"?  Would she have hired a private army of campaign storm troopers if otherwise left to her own devices?

Like dude/dudette, she would be less "popular" than Sarah Palin if each morning she wasn’t "reset" to the non-partisan tradition of "hands off" our past first ladies.

How abused were your senses this past year, especially your political senses?

And, so with so many missed ops more in the legacy of "Hillary" of failures in governance and encouraging to a near two "Big Mac" with large fries a day habit for America such that a "doctor friend" of their (reportedly, sorry don’t remember his name) was on a TV talk show a couple years ago with statistics showing America could save a trillion dollars in healthcare costs if it could just get back to the "average national weight" from before 1992 or 1993.

And, so with so many hard earned dollars now spread around the world to a new "popularity" the Madam Secretary of State Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton method while in collusion naturally and intimately with CGI?   Remember Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is our primary agent with full duties and responsibilities to a listing of activities of CGI as of "material support to terrorists" or not, and while supporting "upstarts" highly debatable.

How abused were your senses this past year, especially your political senses?

Do you mind that "Hillary" as Secretary of State has basically been to buying popularity around the world and at a rare time in our history where we finally had more leverage to get other countries to help fund a larger share themselves?   How much have we lost taking the easy and now arguably less effective "diplomacy" of "buying popularity"?

How abused have Pres B~~~ O~~~’s senses been so with Clinton "two-fer" wanting and demanding their own space?

How many jobs could such have provided here at home, how many new schools and books?

We are now less, though still some, a nation adjusting to a new world order which found us to a single superpower status not of our original design or purpose.  We were designed to be a loose federation of small states in a confederated republic towards a preservation of individual rights.

How much has "buying popularity" weakened America and U.S.A. everywhere in light of such a rare opportunity now maybe missed that President Bush was more towards "diplomatically"?

And so we still are adjusting to a new world order after becoming something we hadn’t been designed to or for - so accept Clintons as a necessary autocracy of elite lawyers and their daily reset and recrafted "personality"?   So let the lawyers run everything, even if that "personality" thing hasn’t been working for Pres B~~~ O~~~?

Today is December 31, 2010.  

Tomorrow is a good day to start asking anew if really we do not need to restore more power and responsibility to our states and as best for our security and diplomacy and designed basis in a governance of laws not of men/women as of their "personality" and whimsy.

Where did President John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s "ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country" go?  How are we now to a ask, ask, ask, again and again, to a national spending spree and so as witnessed severely lacking in sufficient debate and discussion and transparency around "if should" so spend and spend and then call for "necessary" tax increases?

How abused were your senses this past year, especially your political senses?

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