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Tom Cruise, call me I think I now finally know a Hearst entertainment professional to have deal with your seeming interest in my November blogging at http://myblog.jphogan.org with such BEATRICE BOXER AND THE BEAVER WARS.

Really I do not yet know where I am going with this today and such a day so near a New Year celebration.

Could it be time to offer advice to Kennedy/Shriver clan towards overcoming the damage to their image done by Clintons?

I know whom Bud Connolly was and how he was the son of Joseph V. Connolly Sr. who supposedly turned around the Hearst empire after the passing of its famed founder — I know him as a passionate passed percussionist in drums, still, as JVC Jr.  He called me a "summer son."

So I didn’t know there even was an Austin Hearst and one maybe not a grand daughter in Hearst concerned with honor and agility as much as an elder "director" in "entertainment" might be of his own fingers.  So I didn’t know an Austin Hearst might be one most interested in knowing/learning that Tom Cruise seemed most interested in my November blogging a new serious with BEATRICE BOXER AND THE BEAVER WARS series.

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