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Well maybe you do need to be a fan/follower of "24" to get close to understanding the Clintons.

Poor President Obama with the Clintons not letting go and nor not giving way. Oh, poor Obama’s what with even "get out and move" campaign against childhood obesity by a new First Lady getting upstaged by Bill timing "elective stint" to counter good press and the "big mo" (big momentum) building for Obamas.  What to do about Bill and now a morning after another "alerting" thought of "uh oh, what will Bill do now" after White House Correspondents Dinner generating more good will and boosting for Obamas over Clintons.

Yes it was an elective procedure if only for the political timing of Bill’s procedure to grab the spot light from Obamas and specifically First Lady Michelle.  Was it even political for it not having been timed another time?  What a savy save though to show to children they could still live the "Bill" of "Big Mac or two a day Bill" and just wait to get it all fixed later in life and now with new free Hillarycare expectations. 

So it was an "ALERTING" thought last night by this politico of seriously perking to question of "WHAT WILL BILL DO NOW?" - if he is still the same Bill Clinton now stopping hardly for anything to promote Hillary towards his own selfish desire to get back the perks of the White House power some could argue he has highjacked for years since in ways never seen or heard or read of by any past American President.

Poor Obama’s now especially even still on "obesity" concerns how "petty surgery" seems effected on the political facade of "Hillary" so as with my current exercising and weight gain but fat loss while expecting weight loss and fat loss from being back to serious road cycling and its awareness less petty of natural human condition:  Hillary has had to have had that chin lift/skin tuck procedure, right?  No way that chin goes with what Leno of spoke of lower on her too, right?

So how did Secretary Hillary manage this morning again to be the "Johnny on the spot" in national news and NBC to be a refreshing of "Clintons" as far more "PRESIDENTIAL" than Obamas?  Does President Obama not care about chain of command and also not about political power practicing to exceed him in excess, somehow?  Today’s appearance on NBC Meet the Press was more about a selective Clinton revival than a fair telling of history and politics today, and a surprising upstaging again seemingly of Obamas and with 2012 actually mentioned for Hillary and Bill.

So do you have to be a follower and/or fan of "24" to see how news out of New York, even as good news as a thwarted attempt did play as a "set shot" for Clintons and a new power sustaining revival in nations eyes and ears? 

Is it "petty" to have had a chin procedure to still look "fresh" and not the "retread" she is?  Is it just "petty" to ask about? 

Well, again, after a night the Obamas should have been able to shine in nations hearts and mines now again the Clintons are front and center (stealing?)in the spotlight.

Do you have to just be a fan of Tom Clancy or do you need to be a fan of Dante and Ted Bell as well as "24"?  Have the Clintons had our "presidential power" highjacked and since even before 9/11?

Is it safe to forget the Clintons’ "two-fer" of setting up the "walls of separation" at FBI between enforcement and intelligence branches and just efforts?


{Yes, we were at risk heading into 1992 elections and with many of ourselves our greatest risk for seeming becoming of "excess pride" as we had to adjust to becoming a sole superpower.  Yes, we probably had "checked" the excess pride that christian coalitions mostly on right were presenting with as a danger that could overwhelm a newly elected more "moderate" President Bush, and so before November 1992.  Yes, we may have been better and safer not re-electing President Bush even though Senator Al Gore was saying he wouldn’t run because and as "Bush deserves a second term."  We were at risk and maybe great risk with many on right trying to claim win of Cold War and Persian Gulf War as for singular crediting to American Christians and not the more truthful "melting pot" of America.} 

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