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Live, from Hawaii?

It is simple, and it is complicated, and it has obvious outliers.

Inescapable is that William Jefferson Clinton has some character from those used car sales days, he so in - familiar.  (Please avoid stereotypes as much as possible.)

Inescapable is that Hillary Rodham Clinton, Senator, did announce a start extreme, so extreme in anti-business attitude, and most greatly with her proclamation that she would SEIZE oil company profits, like entirely.

Add to such the obvious for it so EXTREME - the Al Gore GLOBAL WARMING ALARMISM - where he alone may hold the most responsibility indirectly but near negligently for a "Dem Leader" of not "fully considering outliers from his "expertise" for the housing mess and "near depression" economic arguably near first indicated to about the time his ALARMISM scared the oil and gas prices above four dollars a gallon and so much that transportation and production costs spiked and shrunk demand and spending, and specifically the little "safety net" so many had in bubble economy of Clintons "fast and loose" play such that soon they couldn’t afford their risky loans.

So who did it?

Bill more/most?

Al more/most?

Hillary more/most?

Obama more/most?

How did the couple of the Whitewater failed housing development record be left to attempt a ‘housing bubble’ economy - similar to…?

Was it too much the "familiar" to used car sales in Bill that had him hoping banks could play fast and loose with the housing markets and to a new way, a new way to attempt to gamble away the risks in the looser housing he wanted to push but not spend to support?

Was it just the "anti-business" of the "inevitable" that scared demand and supply and started a shrinking of an economy with fear and yet while Dems expected growth on their "popularity" all the while telling our children of school age most that their parents were killing the earth and spending too much and driving too much while saving too little and eating too much?

Really there is little if any reason to mention Bush administration around our down economy - he couldn’t put enough of the necessary spending back into our government fast enough after the Clintons’ gross unfundings in their last years of taking near/at least a trillion out too much and the other trillion they cut still arguably too quickly and poorly considered — See the Pelosi Congress was of blocking most attempts to reverse the "popularity" of the Clintons’ SURPLUSES even as restoring necessary spending the best way to SAVE the economy.  There are enough acts and pressures by the Democrats to explain how the economy tanked such that mentioning Bush really is hardly necessary when studying to figure out a way forward, corrective.

Was it Al Gore and his GLOBAL WARMING ALARMISM that killed the housing before the "banking regs" for it most guilty in driving gas prices above $4.00 or was it Senator Clinton as candidate Clinton loud to BIG SISTER proclamations to corporate invasions to seizures well beyond "taxation"?

Clinton/Gore did it?

Hillary and Gore did it?

Obama and Clinton and Pelosi?


Could it have happened without Clintons so "fast and loose" and Bill so of a "familiar" to used car stereotypes?

Without $4 + gasoline production and transportation costs wouldn’t have taken the ’safety net’ out of households economics that had them then without enough money from earnings to get to work and pay the bills and mortgage!  

Saving the Polar Bears was suddenly more important than sound economics and debate.

Saving the Polar Bears or just the "GREEN" PLATFORM became more important than you?

It wasn’t the banks at first just pinched with past acquiesence to "used car sales Bill" or their so concieved new gambling around dirivitives but much more simply the next steps of Al or Hillary (Dems together united) adding irresponsible politics into an economy without a sufficient safety net.   When gas prices topped $4 people stopped being able to afford to pay all that they had been encouraged by Democrats and some Republicans to over extend into.

Democrats aren’t just allowed to "lie" they are expected to lie, Mr. Spielberg?  No "judgement" nor Judgement Day like another round of impeachment hearings - for Dems?

Even if Republicans had some fault and Bush too all of the above still active economic involved variables much to a negligent and naive.

What about our children and those mostly of school age that were engaged and sworn to a near full allegiance in GLOBAL WARMING ALARMISM and adjusted lesson plans to invovle them to lobbying their parents to a economy with less consumption, more saving, and less eating, and, maybe even no deserts?

So who are the "Democrats" in the Senate we should watch most closely in new year to "shifts" in party allegiance, and rightly?   Governors?  Representatives?

Impeachment has to be on the tables, and at least a call to a reasonable "blame" upon more deserving like Secretary Clinton!   How can fair partisanship return and break the polarizing expected with the "inevitable" election thought a done deal for Senator Hillary Clinton.  

Is lying now the new norm?  Is it our new lower standard?  Will new Congress let themselves all suddenly swear to co-corrupt without any call for "justice"?

Live from Hawaii?

>Oh, Tony dear, Tony Rezko old pal, yes Michelle and I cannot bring ourselves to buy you out from the most depreciated remainder of the side lot to our Hyde Park house with four car garage - please be a dear and keep up the taxes on what appears to be our side yard in full and not just the sixth or fifth of such you sold us so below market and standard pricing, so that we could save on Chicago property taxes.  Happy Holidays, Best Wishes,  Pres B~~~ O~~~.

{At the time of this writing it is my best understanding that the Obama’s have not bought out the Rezkos for what appears to most to be their grand side yard and fitting to a home their size with a four car garage, and therefore that they are still to letting the Rezkos eat the loss they took dividing their property to their holding remaining a sub-lot of much lower value but maybe to tax rolls.  It is my understanding that at least no stories have yet been seen or read to suggest that the Obamas have shelled out for the Rezko portion of what still appears to be their side yard.}

[Pres B~~~ O~~~, is it fair, is it now fair to conclude that some of Dems policies ok, but not some of them together and certainly now so obviously with all of them together at once, so self negating and contradicting in indicative?]

[[Pres B~~~ O~~~~, best now to suggest a job sharing program and future and even to a job per household as necessary to save our Earth and to a new dawn where husband and wife, regardless of sex, to an expectation to share one job with same skill set and worked out flex hours?  We are near you maximum reasonable and safe number of jobs, for now during such ‘crisis’ right?]]

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