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{note: I expect this to be only presented as a first draft and with me already with too much coffee, so with some "slips" and "misspellings" more likely.}

[Judith Herman, I believe is the remembered author of TRAUMA AND RECOVERY, and such as the doctor author who had me upon reading of a feeling to as if I had written it some to much, with my years reaching for more self awareness to useful understandings, and new understandings.]

(Clintons and Dems of nineties and now of such but without an necessary understanding of integrations with political and business change prudently protected as of "too sensitive" and "personal" roots.)

The Clintons had no to just very few rights to use much of an integrated marketing concept withing THE CHARGE OF NEW FEDERALISM from the early 90s and such as even so that George Clooney was cast to play the fictional alter me on larger stage than my neighborhood and "circle" of concern.   See it was Jamie Tarses then to an asking for NBC for "one more show idea, and for Thursdays at 10" that had me extending myself further than I thought wise, but carefully so.

Such is a story of growing up in the seventies and eighties with stories of Vietnam mixed with stories of feminist reaching, and with me in a neighborhood of Veteran Administration Hospital practicing professionals an one that let me use his Park bicycle wheel truing stand for personal and "neighborhood" bike maintenance projects.

It can be posited that "Hillary Clinton" in such history is actually "BAD" for lasting feminist cause.

The first Doctor White I ever met was the near "scariest" friend of my father I had ever been dragged across a public space to meet.  Doctor Augustus A. White, then returned to New Haven to practice with Yale had been and likely still was a physician to the Black Panthers.   That I do not think is what was most scary of our meeting that day when I near five years old - My dad said "I think I see a friend" and then at high speed started dragging me somewhere I couldn’t guess at completely until he kept adjusting and turning towards, and again towards, the near largest black man I had ever seen - but that was the curious of such not the scary and not as scary as finding out that humans actually let such a huge black person have the last name "White."  I was about five and so when comfortable in "I think I see a friend…" pursuit even too the largest black man I had yet met/seen so it was more when he was to telling me as with "Doctor White, at your service" like that he ’scared’ me as most doctors do a five year old. 

My dad I think met and friended Augustus A. White M.D. while those days involved much in New Haven and Connecticut Jaycees.

Some psychiatrist professionals socially in my network are actually still late to such ‘evolution’ around PTSD and for others so "in network" of egos not wanting to admit it wasn’t them.  Professionally they likely have been on top of their game yet socially still to inadvertantly supporting false sense of selves among some and of their stories and gains.

Some even chased the wrong "heroine’s" of stories and near crashed on rocks much of attempts to lasting positive change for most.   Some of such was unavoidable at least as theories got pushed for their first advance and then refreshed to be checked again under similar circumstances and jurisdictions and "oversight" but then to a broader level.   The Clintons could be said to have been of "malpractice" if they had been licenced as medical professionals and not just as lawyers deserving of legal disbarring.

I have forgotten most of what I knew as regards my usefulness with such and now as hoped can maybe just lean upon "new" and "improved" SCIENCE socially and through ’study’. 

I haven’t forgotten how though the Clintons were of a ride around such and too selfish in their personal set to have discerned to a more wise and considered cooperation.

Yes, the Harry Potter books was a challenge to J.K. Rowling to write seven books each of a curriculum advancing useful and appropriate as a professional lesson plan, and as a whole as like a Penicillin drip of time release effectation, and as part of the second wave of such in "feminism" and PTSD concern.

Yes, "Dumbledore" got his character and existence from the front purple double door (Doubledoor) a Dutch style door where top could open separate from base and such as the front door then for our nations premier Pediatric Neurosurgeon whose son Peter "Rowe-ling" Duncan was of a studying of magic and with round black glasses and a posse of friends, also bike clients and neighbors, much of look of original cast.  These were the "Rowe-lings" umbrellaed under Pete Rowe M.D., founder and proprietor of Yale Student Health Clinic, his grandfather, and also another bike client, and neighbor, then that didn’t want me to move away "for they had fun while I was around" that had me to considering them as to "Rowe-lings" I hoped would not be like wards to grow up more as warts under my Hogan skin.

Yes, it is a reasonable posit that "Hillary" and her story is not good for lasting "feminism" gains.

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