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So we had another option in 2008 election, and one other than the other of the "other Dem" earlier thought the "inevitable"?

What would the economics of McCain/Palin have been? 

Would Bush’s record and compassionate "transition" help with new Obama Admin to be have been as successful for a McCain/Palin transition?

Would Bush’s admin have also done so much for McCain/Palin to prevent another "depression" and so generously without demands for "full credit"?

And it so came to be that President Bush was so generous to a new admin elect and with so much of the "save" his and his admins and of their doing it at near the earliest moment the Democrat Party was willing to allow.

This new year brings us all a new dynamic, a new Washington cast.

2009 brought us one once likely nonchalant and beach bound/cast with dreams of "what’s another trillion dude/dudette?" lightness in being and wave considering.  Did such speak so and express much such in Hawaiian "surfer" nonchalance?

>Socialism or bust?

>Socialism, but how? 

>Is it just that we haven’t had the technology for socialism to work and I am as good to be a grand socialist as any other and now to be better equiped to success?

>Where is my FDR like cigarette holder?

And, so President Bush did effect the save for America from another "depression" and at the earliest moment the Democrat Party would allow - after Republicans had lost election along line: "it is the economy, stupid."?

We had another option, and now seem to see that such was the better ’economic’ for our times, so with a spoken to need to shift more responsibility and focus back to our states.

The economics:  Our system of revenue basis for government collections and dispersements actually very well designed and considered and such that liberal media now full of surprises for not being to more state’s rights and louder so.

What is another trillion, dude/dudette?

Why hasn’t the main stream media gone state’s rights and state spending since 2009 and as proud "socialists" and "experts" so of a knowing that they need their ideology so based with a wealth and property taxation revenue redistribution and not an income or profit variant stream?

Even the liberal media should have been on board with McCain/Palin and especially with Governor Palin then the most "socialist" Republican Governor, right?  Socialism can work, right, but it needs to be based on wealth and property taxation and not "work" and "productivity" with income/profit basis?

Our system of taxation across our federation in confederated republic is designed to work and adjust, and especially with it of a leaving our national government to have spending quantity tied to GDP (Gross Domestic Product) and such economic variables.

Our system of taxation works better within social science and sciences of politics with it in down times calling of states and their wealth and property basis into renewed governance and debate/discussion and reconsideration of fair and proper allocations within "communities" as designed with our federal government basis on variable economic basis of revenue to less "community" based concerns.

We had another option in 2008, and one that still would have had President Bush likely preventing another "depression" at near the earliest moment the Democrat Party would allow - we had another party candidate/ticket calling us to a renewed timely adjustment as "designed" to shift focus to states in down times and to so therefore a more appropriate in "redistribution" and "socialism" of occassional need more community based reconsideration.

What’s another trillion media - and, how the heck have you all not been the loudest champions of states’ responsibilities and rights with your ideology so?

What would the economics of McCain/Palin have been - state based socialism - a renaissance in the nick of time, and rightly based upon wealth and property taxation with community level basis and fair and completely considered need based governance anew?

Would the "economics" of McCain/Palin have actually have prevented much of the great economic slide and only partly for them of a more even keeled consideration not itself such a global alarming around global warming "crisis", convenient?

Should our new Congress on inauguration day host a classic car rally on Capitol Hill? 

And so now until President Obama declares "Earth is saved" - "Earth has been saved from GLOBAL WARMING" can he "morally" in his own standard and charge be to encouraging any new consumption or production to new jobs?  How many children have already been instructed to a new "concern" and now of new more conservative solutions themselves, and now proud of their own efforts, rightly and patriotic, in reducing consumption and production in order to find ways to live more "green"?

What is another trillion when saving the Earth already the call to the people and while also of admonishing big brotherish of "you/we are spending too much, and eating too much, and using our cars too much."?  

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