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And, how the thought "Liberal Agenda" nearly destroyed America:

This Holiday season be sure to try to look at America as the Middle East and Muslim World once stared down.  Try to look at our history in a different order, a less wise and good order.

The way the "Liberal Agenda" wanted it to work as they had it conceived and prioritized?

What way could this be and how is the "gay" though as much a Republican issue?

Where was Iraq and Iran and Saudi Arabia and region of Persian Gulf plus back in 1992?

How much was unsettled?

How much was unfinished?

How much was left and abandoned by a United States thought more for equal justice and rights for all?

This Holiday as you sing of and for "gay times" and "gay cheer" with a new "politics" an evolution of sorts for government of and by the people - Peace be with you - Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas.

Please do consider such as "progress" only maybe because it didn’t happen sooner and earlier before some other more concerning politics.

Please consider that now "GAY" officially to "equally grumpy" of "equal rights to be professionally less "gay" though "GAY" and that luckily we effected OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM finally.

And, please consider some rational concern that we are furtunate that we didn’t attempt OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM with some of "LIBERAL AGENDA" before it.

And, please consider how we might have been greeted in MIDDLE EAST and Iraq and by Iran in Iraq if we attempted a just entry into Iraq for a belated prosecution of macho Saddam Hussein only after pronouncing our Armed Forces of The United States as a "Gay Force" needed to liberate but not occupy.

Yes, this is just another HUGE problem with the "fault" still lying within "the Clintons’ eight years."

Equal rights to be "professionally" not "GAY" and tasked to the unhappy and hopefully unecessary though "gay"?  And, "lesbian"?

Republican and conservative "priorities" have actually been better for "gay" and "lesbian" agenda than the otherwise attempted "Liberal Agenda"? 

Anyone?   Anyone?

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