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Are you ready for Leno?  Are you aware of Worker’s Day?

To be brief: 

  • It is May Day and in 1920 the Chinese first celebrated so after Russian Socialist Revolution. 
  • Mr. President in your "personality governance" are you a drafter or a draftee? 
  • Mr. President are you a pursuer or pursued?
  • Are you for Silicone spray lubricant or teflon?
  • Mr. President it is May Day, how do you celebrate?
  • Can you do "stock" or must you do "custom"?
  • Can you do "out of the box" or are you assimilated?
  • Can you do "hands on" or must you "hire out"?
  • Can you do isolation of long solo endurance efforts or only pack?
  • Mr. President are you ready for Leno - is your personality on trial?
  • And, how does a "personality governance" do "socialism" - are you "of the ability" or "of the need"?

Remember the "Share the Road" rules and guidelines and please remember to check with your doctor before you try something new.


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