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Are you really a student of United States of America history and politics?

Are you even really just a novice enthusiast?

Tomorrow is now rumored/reported to be a mere "meeting" at the White House with…& …about???

What is rumored to be scheduled is farthest from a "mere meeting" than maybe ever in our history as a union of states of one republic.

Dems and President Obama have announced a schedule "move" and "piece play" for tomorrow that has consequence and as yet unknown or even predictable significance.

On the face it may seem innocuous and "minor" so of having President Clinton to the Obama White House, but that would be a mistake.

Scheduled as announced around talk of President Obama trying to "pull a post 1994 Clinton" tomorrow is nothing short of a very dangerous throwing down of a gauntlet.

See, just by trying to play such piece around such "politics" means that if Republicans stay silent and even to below "loud and protesting" then Republicans likely are responsible for 9/11 and feeling a need to stay silent on "all Bush’s fault" and "inherited it from Bush" like never before.   Tomorrow cannot pass without protest from Republicans on "historical perspective" or "historical accuracy" and "intellectual honesty" as now scheduled with White House of Obama without a Republican "silence" an admitting of "fault" or "mere involvement".  

Some times a action just has to have its equal and opposite reaction.

So tomorrow may now be on, and on to becoming the maybe most pivotal day in all of our young confederate republic’s history.

Tomorrow ends if so "scheduled" any "leeway" for Clintons with Republicans like those days past the "Clintons’ inheritance" left Bush/Cheney of 9/11 and the soft shoe tapping to distract and entertain protective of Clintons with an official allowance that the Clintons and their deputies would be allowed "room" to spin to "we just did what the people asked us to do" and well that old simple "blue states said do this and red states said do that" chorus.   Tomorrow, politically, if scheduled so ends with such "gauntlet" play any future reason for Republicans to co-operate with Democrats unless Clinton(s) actually do a mea culpa us.

Even Senator Reid may suffer as never before for he buffer from involvement in what was a corporate save and take over of Las Vegas under his watch is now on the table as much as major corporate and private efforts about the same time to save Time Square, and with both private and maybe non-government efforts completely to remarket America away from that undefended gap Saddam saw a way to drive through like a global conquerer of superior PR + war waging.

See, tomorrow if so scheduled at Obama White House as rumored/reported with a "saving" visit by President Clinton, then all Republicans may have to erupt in protest and self defense even if "involved" or "fault" Democrats charge is merely from their fight to prevent a global establishment of an un-Constitutional to merely "extra-Constitutional" AUTOCRACY OF CLINTONS and with tomorrow if so scheduled a calling to such as a past reality but popular as sold by Clintons in their popular cultural warring in "two-fer" fog to a necessary new global reality and necessity.

So even if Republicans have some "fault" around 9/11 as long accused though to far worse "fault" tomorrow they cannot stay silent.

So even if Republicans felt called to "respond" and "fight back" against the Clintons’ drive and charge to end the two party system and Constitutional basis of our United States of America if not to their perferred goal of a Clinton Global Autocracy and to just a lock for one party and Democrat Party domination with a shadow government of a Clinton Global Iniative (or something), and, to a need to be "global" and "equal" to such threat and its realness and depth and "fog" then tomorrow is a day they at least have to be loud in such and with such as their "DEFENSE".

"IT IS ALL THE FAULT OF THE PAST EIGHT YEARS" can only stand if tomorrow some to most Republicans just roll over and stay silent without any protestations.

It is not possible to allow that 9/11 wasn’t "all the fault of the Clintons’ eight years" at least as maybe a call to 9/11 as a defense of our Constitution.  

Republicans cannot dare stay silent tomorrow without such being an willing and freely exercise confession of much guilt and wrongness, and such as not at least half the fault of the Clintons’ and their eight years as at least "negligent" years.

So even if the Republicans had nothing to do with 9/11 a silence tomorrow will slay them silently and virulently with guilt.

So even if 9/11 had some as yet unexplainable willful "invisible hands" within tomorrow cannot pass without such being called out and as it must have been as a necessary "DEFENSE" of our Constitution and from maybe even the Clintons of a holding of next presidency "hostage" and "highjacked" to hold onto to new Clinton global autocracy as much as they were able to establish.

President Obama,  if President Clinton is even willing to show up tomorrow you may want to arrest him.  He cannot be of help to you, within any "reasonable" rationale I have yet considered.

To understand what Clintons were effectively to in the 1990s and with a full considering around what they decided not to be up to and that such really wasn’t "them just doing what the people had asked them to do" as profered many many times as their "defense" around 9/11 with a projection and transference to like "it was the American peoples fault…" may take just a personal asking of yourself about that/this Clinton Global Autocracy reaching with a hope to at least effect to a Clinton Autocracy and lasting power grab at home enough to effectively silent our two party system.

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