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So where are we?

Are the lines of "war" drawn and drawn clearly enough?

Are the "socialist" "fronts" not "flanks" of one front but two or many?

Held "hostage" now are the "capitalists"!

So where are we?  Is it only a "domestic" front "socialist" of "all threats, foreign or domestic" now really a concern?

Are the "socialists" of China nor the "socialists" of Ba’athist original idealism nor the "socialists" of former Soviet states not too concerned with their own "capitalist" futures now to be a "concern"?

So where are we, where are with this December 7, 2010?

A possible "reset" to Soviet Socialism by an independent Russia?

Where is "Hillary’s" "infamy" where or what is "Hillary’s War"?

Is someone Clinton Global Iniative of funding and even quietly funding with their less traceable unbanked "commitments" really to have been on any other Secretary of State’s "terrorists" lists and CGI of "material support of terror" so from such a secretary of having actually done their duty and asserted to such a wise and necessary "new" addition to such lists their "jurisdiction"?

So where are we, again this December 7th?

Joining a warring commencement to a fight against "socialists" over "human rights" is out, and has been out from near day one of "pronouncements" of this administration.

Join to a war over water, over fresh water supplies?

Go to war with China as "Hillary" has suggested we may soon need to and as spoken about as a war for water?

Where is "Hillary’s Infamy" - what can be "Hillary’s War"?

A "RESET" with Russia - as a joining to their old causes - but then whom are we to wage battle against, but ourselves?

So where are we? 

This administrations war could still be over oil and to a protecting of fair oil profits, but wouldn’t that look foolish now, unless some "cause" expounded to justify American oil as bad?

So some "socialists" in a war against "capitalists" and "capitalism" - but where - but how?

Seems "capitalists" are now being held hostage as an evil axis in capitalism, so now what for "socialists" so engaged and embattled and their rude economic bridging?  Has the first shot been fired - can it have not been now with so many "capitalists" held hostage?

So where are we, again this anniversary of "Day of Infamy"?

War with China but not for or "over" human rights?  But the Chinese are seeming more "capitalist" - so how can such further such "socialists" "socialism"?

War over water and soon with China has "Hillary" suggested soon to become necessary?  But how to fight such without such a win for "capitalism"?

If we fight the Chinese as "socialists" as "socialism" our banner and standard wouldn’t we need to battle the Pennsylvania Amish first?

So where are we?

How can we even join to battle against Chinese even over just fresh water and not also justify having in past having been of a need to fight with and for others to secure oil supplies to those embattled in freedoms and fairer markets for oil and gas?

So some to many in "socialism" not flanks of a united front nor of or near China’s reaching to a "capitalism" as our administration reaches more for an older Chinese socialism.

So now but how?  Old Soviet Socialism with expansionist mantra or old Chinese ways still as modern in "acceptability" with Chinese "socialism" still of letting Chinese live as they lived even three thousand years ago and this of their "governance" in their "socialism"?

So where are we?  Even the Chinese didn’t like this administrations tax policies, right?  Even they with their "governance" of letting many Chinese live as they did three thousand years ago, and like some in Afghanistan may still too of more "capitalist" tax solutions?

But if we are here now in "socialism" our "front" and "capitalists" our "hostages" seems the Chinese would be wise to not copy old Soviet Socialism nor its "expansionism" even in a "capitalism" market based governance for like us in America of decades now in a lesser "socialism" are of finding it is a method of governance of a tendency to collapse upon itself.

So where are we now?  Copy the Chinese "socialism" now maybe even more "capitalist" than our current "executive dogma" and deal with their sense of "socialism" as a allowance that so many of its governance jurisdiction to a living as they have basically for thousands of years?

To join to such a battle otherwise would call for use to so "socialize" the Amish too, right?

Well at least someone somewhere must have realized you cannot join to such a battle in our United States of America and market based economics with a federal revenue structure based upon "income" or "profit/gains"? 

Where are we now, now that some more than some one to a realization that the policies and economics of this our current administration was needing of a federal revenue structure with a basis in "wealth taxation" not "income" or "profit/gains"?

Surely they these "socialist" warriors of holding "capitalists" "hostage" aren’t thinking a "ransoming" a better way to tax? 

Surely they now just want to find a way to get their hands on their "wealth" now that their joined plans to their "income" and "profits/gains" cause a natural contracting and securing to our current reduce economic activity once of a greater good?

So where are we now?  Have you read AXIS OF EVIL CAPITALISTS?

So the Chinese have realize that if to become "expansionist" it best to copy old American Spirit in free market than to join to a "reset" too to old Soviet Socialist structure and its tendency to collapse upon itself, or to a falling to at least six smaller parts?

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