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On December 5, 2009 a shadow of its former self reared itself back into the news.

Remember all the czars?

A shadow of its former self, now, and wrapped up "presidential" with a record number of new czars?

Remember all the Tsars?

A shadow of its former self, now, and wrapped up "presidential" with a record number of few Tsars?



A time to dissolve the United States into six separate regions and so as well to a shadow of its former self?

Remember Ukraine?

Remember if still federated with Ukraine Russia could be two thirds the size of U.S.A. and not nearer one third.

Remember a new Russian temper - remember Georgia separatists?

A czar for every region?  A Tsar for just one from many - RESET?

Remarkably, maybe we should have bombed the old U.S.S.R. super architecture of days gone by of global expansionism in Soviet communism, just to help with some "ghost-busting"?  How haunted are these old Russian halls of spirits expansionist of Soviets of a by-gone era?

START treaties to an America fallen to six separate regions, and nothing to consider?

On Georgia Russia had it right, maybe.

On Georgia and Separatists Russia may have had no other "move"!

On Georgia a geo-politic and geo-mapping quite live in Fruedian "separation" and "modern" in prophylactics/non proliferation, nuclear.

On Georgia and "Separatists" how cruel they were, how cruel they were to have treated their separation in geo-nuclear concerns as a bodily "removal" and not a "non-proliferation–prophylactic removal and discarding"! 

You do remember what Georgia’s shape is and how the new Russia with fewer Tsars was near a effecting to a rotation "graphic" on "borders" to another anatomically correct rendering?

You do remember that as U.S.S.R. split and to parts large in size but smaller in populations than many states including Iraq, and, some small in size and of recognizable shapes?

RESET?  Wasn’t an option for Georgia so behaving "Separtists"?

Yes Georgia before Russian protests and now again does look like a discarded prophylactic, a weapon in nuclear non proliferation.

Yes Georgia during uprising was becoming more a "Russian derriere" and with word play to assert a different type of "separation" for a new Georgia.

Yes it was re-established in presidential federation politics without Georgia having to face a missing "tip" to unwanted proliferation concerns.

What is politics today?  Should the U.S.A. fall apart or disolve into six separate regions?

What is politics today?  Are we not too big to fail?

What is politics today?  A czar for every social issue and then some with a new expansionist America in neo-colonialism, just so that those we defeated feel less defeated?

On December 5th, 2010?

On December 6, 2010 > "Condoleezza Rice Goes "NUCLEAR" While Co-Hosting The View"?

On December 7th, again a somber reminder of expansionist governance?

Why is "Russia" even at the START table?  RESET to what?

RESET?  RESET to the days before Obama/Clinton "political" take-over of Afghan conflict and their rush to just add more troops with out defined mission or goals that had them exercised to an "accidental" widening of Afghan theater with a broaching of Pakistan and its politics?

RESET?  RESET to days of U.S.S.R. before Afghanistan became the Gettysburg of the Cold War and so the pivotal "turning point" to Reagan’s defeat of Communist Menace?  Reset to days before Russian governance couldn’t bring Afghanistan to their socialism?

So "Speaker" Boehner and party hacks:  Is our current state of problems with Washington that of "socialist" domestic expansion now past its prime and needing a dissolution too? 

So "Speaker" Boehner and party hacks:  Were not our federalized socializings in welfare and medicare and such for our forgotten youth and elderly but a short term "socialist" experiment also impossible to lasting "solutions" and "temporary"?

So "Speaker" Boehner and party hacks:  Afghanistan was the "Gettysburg" of the Cold War of the "turning point" away from a greater spreading of Soviet Socialism, right?  And, Iraq embrace of Ba’athism a reported "perversion" of conception of "Ba’athism" as to a United Arab Socialist State? (Alan Hart in ARAFAT - TERRORIST OR PEACEMAKER)

So fellow members of these united socialist states of America:  Have we gone too far?  Was nationalization of any part of "welfare" and "healthcare" but a short term socialist "patch" needed until more "American" local solutions could be worked, and worked more locally, even to six separate "new" regions for our United States?

So fellow members of these united socialist states of America: Have we gone too far?  Has socialism run its full course of usefulness in America too?  Regardless of whether Russia should be at START, would Pakistan be speaking Russian now if not for Afghanistan as a new "Gettysburg"?

So fellow members of these united socialist states of America:  Have we gone too far?  Or did we just not go far enough - how did we let old Soviet grand halls stand to become so haunted by expansionist ghosts, and even pining for such maybe of "Hillary"?  Did we just not go far enough > Is President Obama destined to be the leader of a united socialist new global state and now when "internet" and computing now finally here as tools necessary but once missing, as like Hitler needed punch card processing to organize, but, more of a new evangelizing to a new "BIG BROTHER"? 

Have we not gone far enough?  With Moscow home to "more billionaires than any other city" has Obama and Clinton failed us not for pushing for a new expansionist socialism but for pushing for such globally without a seizure too of all of Moscow’s billionaires wealth, and not just those from "oil profiteering"?

Remember all the czars? 

Remember the original intent, the founders?

Remember the Constitution?  Our Constitution of our United States of America and its experiment in individual rights "under God"?

For December 5, 2010:  What is a "measured response"? 

For December 6, 2010:  What is a "presidential federation"?

For December 7, 2010:  Are we ready for presidential terms of just two year increments with a max to eight years still?

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