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And so the townie goes… 

And so the greaser …

The gowns all "cloaked" or just "cloaked"?

Did President Obama ever ride the rawhide of Brooks, of Brooks English Saddles?

What a race, afoot, already, with more staging to witness or partake.  And it all started with President Obama wanting to run a personality based presidency. 

So gather near all, come and listen, and, oh by the way should President Obama have grown up to be a preacher?  Did you see him without a teleprompter (glitch) seeming at home again, but from a pulpit, of a cathedral, National, on a sad and glorious day?

Rest in peace Dorothy Height.  Will President Obama apply to seminary after his presidency, he seems so at home orating in his chosen faith’s environs?

Was he even, even and not spinning? Is he ready for the Correspondents Dinner and Leno?  Yet?  Am I helping?

In recaping at this stage:  Of President Obama and his personality based governance: Of President B.O. who must have been riddled as a youth for "B.O.": Will he do a reverse Steele and enter Seminary after politics?  He seemed so at home; R.I.P. Dorothy Heights.

The "ghosts in the machine" of personalities others seem to be rent out leaving him all the room to be himself, now. What will Jay Leno lambast? Who will Jay Leno roast? 

Is it to be James Carville the "townie" a "greaser" breaking away?  Is such impossible as a ghost of "its the economy, stupid" now stuck in our "machine" economic?  Mechanical difficulties enough to thwart Alberto Contador now a "headwind" on peloton of metophor of Clintons touring as the problem and maybe a solution? How can "personality" now free save from falls of Clintons?  Have they taken down the entire pack of Dems?

Will this Sunday mark President Obama’s fiftieth golf outing?  How does press pack back up so in golf carts a following, and on so many Sundays?  Who is the real President Obama? Has he already had twice as many in near one year than Bush had in three years to near all eight years?  Got game?  Family time?

So the Clintons’ falls are more now "problems" economic and now with "inheritance" blame spread back into eight behind eight and now undermining confidence in "solutions" even not "permanent" as Obama Presidency packed with Clintons’ colors bearers? 

Mr. Leno do you have his "personality" nailed/punctured?  Is he ready for you?  Are the Clintons or Carville ready? Can his "personality" now free do anything but affirm more "jobless recovery" - philosophically speaking?

Was he better to have been born of the era of "flappers and philosophers" of prohibition?  Is he out to pull a "reverse Steele"?

Movin’ on up? Still? The Clintons’ falls too much for his personality now free? 

Root for the "townie" and uncloak the cloaked not Main Streeting well?

Well maybe the National Cathedral did have teleprompters - Rest in peace Dorothy Height!

Oh, President Obama you seem to own the "jobless recovery" "economics"!  Are you betting against the Democrats this November and already suggesting they start packing up their bags/things?

Mr. Leno? 

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