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{Mr. Badger to himself again > "Thank God it is Saturday! - What have I gotten myself into?  My friends must have all gotten my cable yesterday - how else to explain the tormented sleepness night.  The blueberry muffin will have to wait."}

Would a student with such a story even want to ever speak to a teacher, if such a teacher actually existed, ever again?

Would a student with such a story have given up hope, all hope in his/her leaders?

Would a student with such a story have had as his only defense to a affirmation of what was and should still be his/hers to have given away as much as was taken inappropriately and with lacking of political prudence and "right" - and given as much or more away secretly in traceable musings such to affirm the other great half or so could only have been theirs?

{Mr. Badger to himself again >  "Where was this coming from, are they demons from my past - are they failings mine to a past student?  Where, where, where?  One of my friends in math and physics had my question "hit to home" a little too much?"}

Would a student, former student with such a story bed each night and wake each morning now with a moral calling to warn others not to try to do what he did, to not attempt an immitation for on waking each morning ‘injustice’ must be waking too?

Would a student, former student, of such a teacher if any really could exist, be waking to a "morality" of a "responsibility" to a projection and broadcasting like "It wasn’t worth it!"?

{Mr. Badger to himself again >  "Where, where, where has this arisen from - is it just a consideration of futures possible, is it more diabolical and "here already"?"} 

 How could a student, a former student, if with such a story and then unlikely to seek such a former teacher out if their really could have been one be now but to a "opposition" and "guardedness" in a new morality, quite diabolical?

{Mr. Badger to himself again > "Could fit in a "2008" play between "1992" and "2012" and have it attempt a reach to comedic or farce, maybe, maybe could lighten the story by having the spouse, in such "un-American" in "anti-Washingtonian" tradition be of getting elected themselves, maybe?"}

{Mr. Badger to himself again > "Where, where, where did that "defend" himself/herself by giving away as much as was inproperly taken come from and as "only defense" available around such a corruption at the "top"?  -  How much would such really be speaking to with an "It wasn’t worth it!" - the given as well as the taken?}

{Mr. Badger to himself again > "How did I get myself into this - how bad could THE MUTINY OF THE GOPHERS really be - What have I gotten myself into?"}

{Mr. Badger to himself most definitely to just himself, again > "Could it even be humorous to present a "2008" with two ‘President Clintons’ having installed a second desk in the oval office and carrying on like President Clinton?, yes President Clinton, how are you too this morning President Clinton - should we have another royal state dinner and present the two President Clintons again if full regalia and pomp and circumstance royally again on the wee tax-payers dollars, President Clinton?  Sure President Clinton, why not we said "buy one get one - a twofer special" so of course President Clinton.  President Clinton our only mandate was that we be not what we are like an is not is, right President Clinton?  Yes dear President Clinton we have gotten them to overlook the ‘necessary’ and ‘prudent’."}

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