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Those who heard this story told, while not knowing Buster and Olympia themselves, could be seen to be visibly shaken as if towards a need to call social services for their kid.

Those were earlier days of the Borough of Jeffersonville, and yet still such monopoly theirs is the Boroughs only "monopoly" to what extent it is a monopoly and not just a provisioning to "uniform goods".

The Borough hasn’t complained in years still that Buster and Olympia were given such business towards "uniform goods" for their press, though newcomers have happened to wonder what type of parents they may be when story turns to their naming their oldest son Beatrice and raising him as "Beatrice the Kid".

"Beatrice the Kid" stuck with him during his school years in Borough.  That he had the furthest distance to walk to get to school from the family press, he had much "afterschool" work upon regularly just added to the lore.  Some children that lived nearer had ponies they could ride to school but not this "Beatrice the Kid".

"Beatrice the Kid" was from the B LOG PRESS of the B LOG DAIRY BEEF AND A B LOG of press monopoly in Borough.

"Beatrice the Kid" was in the same school year with Beatrice Boxer and born to a good friend of Boxers such that Olympia Log insisted Buster Log let her name their new son Beatrice also.   See, this is about the time newcomers of hearing the stories around the town’s press monopoly start to show concern, and quite interestingly as they often are tending to buttering up their rolls while sitting engaged with Horace at Dam’e Wateringhole.

Beatrice and Beatrice are still good friends but Beatrice Log has moved past "Beatrice the Kid" but doesn’t mind old friends hailing him as "B the Kid" especially since still most of his days are spent in family monopoly working the press daily at B LOG DAIRY BEEF and the commercial B LOG PRESSES producing the most uniform good of regulated fair in the Borough of Jeffersonville.

Beatrice Boxer grew up nearest the school so those years of the other Beatrice having the longest walk wasn’t riddled with Beatrice Boxer having a pony or not having a pony.  The Logs had horses and ponies but not an extra one not needed in commerce with their monopoly.

Well, usually, at this point Horace the bartender, noticing that again he had broached such story for another newcomer and timed it well with the arrival of the butter and diner rolls, is to "what do you think of the butter?"

To a one over all these years "best butter I ever had" is the retort with "not too much salt" or "not too little salt" added.

To which Horace may again suggest they can get some for themselves on their way out of town if they just look for the B LOG butter from the B LOG PRESS of the B LOG DAIRY BEEF - and with a they have been making it just so for decades and that is why they are the only monopoly in Borough.

This is just a tale of the commercial butter in Borough of Jeffersonville and not a story of a beef monopoly for that the Logs do not have.   Many in Borough still have their own dairy cows and their own modest churn, modest compared to the commercial size churning of B LOG DAIRY BEEF.

If you want variety in butter it is available only at flea market or private tables, what is "butter" in any commercial enterprise in Jeffersonville is expected to be the certified B LOG goods, fresh from their presses.

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