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What goes around, comes around, and is read all over? 

Are you of the "posse of the fourth estate"?

How are your numbers?  Have your attempts towards "get out and move" been riddled with flaps still?

Are you a pack rat?  Is that a Joker in your spokes, dressed like a flapper?  A queen of hearts?  An ace?

Got out an moved? Getting out and moving? Losing fat but gaining weight? Not complaining? Remembering Wright cycle American snobbery?

Remember to consult your physician before trying something new! 

Before there was Lance Armstrong carrying American cycling pride and near before/of Greg Lemond I was a young "addiction prone teen" with an addiction to tools and bike tools especially.  It was an addiction I had to work through and often those years by putting miles under me, on a machine maintained by me.  I think I have broken such addiction finally but not after getting to owning so many tools and using them professionally as a licenced general contractor that I started thinking I had too many and started selling. I still own more than I had when Lemond won his tours but sold maybe as many.

Before there was Lance I was a neighborhood bike mechanic earning and spending on bikes and bike tools and for most particular of clients of professional lancing as a pediatric neurosurgeon, who rode a Motobecane with Campy Record group, maintained and tuned by me.  The truing stand I would borrow time on even for such bike/client was a old classmate of Bush 43 and a cycling enthusiast as well.

It is a pleasure to report I am now in 2010 back to cycling as my primary sport/hobby now after a couple decades more a cycling supporter engrosed in other sports and activities.  I am happy to report the near flap of fat is thining down and am marveling that such is while watching my weight increase.

Are you getting out a moving?  I recommend it even if it leads to weight gain.  I have held/bragged that I had stayed "fit" these years and even back near four years ago when I shifted from construction in DC area at 218 Lbs and 33% body fat to blogging and writing full time.  Hillary had announced a run for our Presidency I had no choice but to shift to full time efforts to prevent such.  I did though consider I should go on a diet and lose weight for new lifestyle, sedentary, and did lose near forty pounds and with weight loss with fat loss of reduction to near 18%.

Is it new to you to consider exercising as a weight gain activity even when you don’t mean it to be and while meaning to lose fat?  Do you know what it is like to step on a scale expecting to be able to brag about weight loss from exercise to find only that your old cycling muscles are redefining themselves, as large again? I may have to learn to be content at reducing flap and surrender on weight loss.

Take yesterday, after blogging I set off for a ride into my old home town now about ten miles away expecting to ride for about three hours, and, well got home hours later thinking I had ridden about 44 miles.  Well I "Mapped My Ride" and to find that by riding roads in lew of trails and out to near Quinnipiac Polling Institute on QU western flank near the huge Sleeping Giant with a Hogan Rd on QU eastern flank, and, well, it seems I rode about 53 miles while out for more than three hours a bit.

I was just messing around and out in weather in the forties with winds from NW at 10-15 mph, with some scattered drizzle. Half the roads I may have only ridden on once before but driven over years growing up.  New Haven and Hamden have done a wonderful job with their "Rails to Trails" efforts, but that was a similar round trip without hills and much traffic a couple weeks ago.  Yes these numbers are political and practical.

Are you of the "posse of the fourth estate"?

Are you setting an "example" and getting out and trying to move if only to have a luff in your jib and a back wind in your main?  If I were still in DC I would likely still be useful and maybe favored as "200 Lbs of rail meat" for three days of sailboat racing this weekend in Annapolis waters.  But what a different story in the numbers now.

I am not bragging here.  I am, I am that is sharing a great puzzlement of aging not expected, or the "not aging" of old.  See I today could still be 210 Lbs of sailing "rail meat" working the fore deck today but with return to cycling sport/hobby I instead of having lost near 40 and near half fat percentage I am now only down about eight Lbs from before shifting to full time defeating of Hillary for President writing but now at near my low fat percentage.

How I yesterday can hit the old hills near the Sleeping Giant and on Ridge Road and not at the old "six miles into ride" but at "thirty under me" and have the old hills feel the same as when I was still a teenager but now know of my heartrate getting over standard "maximum heart rate" for one of my age that would then have been of near 200 but not measured, well, well?  How I have gotten to 161 Lbs of muscle mass on my five foot eight + frame is just a wonder.

I do recommend getting out and moving even if you too fail to lose weight.  Last time I rode this regularly I would occassionally team up with another rider Rice, back on roads in Senator Jack Reed’s district of the Town of New Shoreham back in mid 80’s to late 80’s.  My squash racket was idle but as "The Diplomat" by Slazenger but my Panasonic with Shimano components with an America saddle and French rims stayed "active" and "considerable."

If I do put cards/jokers in my wheels again it will likely be my American Cannondale mountain bike of ‘88 vintage with tappered forks not "shock absorber" forks.

Yes, please get out and move and consider dressing like a flapper while losing your flap(s).  

Please keep it stylish and true. Have you seen the great new single speeds? 

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