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     Men made his first effective weapons and tools - spear and arrow-heads, daggers, axes, hammers, and hide scrapers - from flint or other hard stone that could be chipped without too great difficulty. But flint was found in only a few inhabited locatlities, and men who had to travel farthest to secure it were the most painstaking in their chipping. As a result, these men became the most skillful weapon and tool makers, even though they lived at some distance form flint-bearing areas.

     It is probable that the early Stone Age men made their journeys in search of flint on foot, as flakes of the stone were hunted over wide areas. Then, about fourteen thousand years ago, they discovered underground deposits, and that freshly dug flint could be chipped with far greater ease and accuracy than sun-brittled surface stone.

& so a wiser man than me once said

Now that is a habit you could say of Rusty Begsome especially with his articles as spring filler, and one that Hillary quite frowned upon back when she was the headmaster of Borough school and blessed so with quite fine "public housing" adjoining school.

Some say that when Rusty ran into such resistance from Headmaster Hillary it was the beginning of the end for her and her stay on the Boroughs dollars so.   It happened about the time that he said his printing blocks with "quotation marks" wore out beyond "usable" or "reliable" in catching of sufficient ink.

Such say, of Hillary and her demons, that such was quite traumatic for her, the forced removal from splendid housing she had wanted "for life."  That it came from taking on Rusty Begsome for a practice he has worked to town’s educational advantage still has her smarting regularly at such story’s mention or reprinting.

See, with Rusty’s practice of not reading any book in the library for more than fifteen minutes a visit and not of from the same book his readings but without time in between,  Hillary was claiming he was "lifting" or "plagarizing" other peoples work and intellectual property so.

The new headmaster Steward Badger has been quite comfortable in splendid housing provided sinse, since he was moved up from advanced math and physics educating to new headmaster of Borough of Jeffersonville School.

Yes, she does now need to produce her honey and candles to afford her more plain quarters and yes these are just a couple of her mentioned demons she cannot help but wear on her sleeves.

"& so a wiser man than me once said" following indented sentence or paragraphs became THE COURANT CHRONICLE HERALD NEWS’ new way of presenting others works and knowledge.  Rusty Begsome has been given some "license" since you could say to even pay lesser homage if just paraphrasing another’s work remembered as read but not with source remembered or useful to share if in "story-telling" mode.

Take the above two paragraphs.  If you knew they were from a book titled STAGECOACH WEST would you, like Rusty, think less of import of his sharing?

The Borough of Jeffersonville is mostly wise to Rusty Begsome’s quirks or "developed character" and actually has years benefited, as testing has shown, with educators since Hillary making work but fun work of such with "challenges" to students to find the book being "alluded to" or "borrowed from" at least once a week.   Such hasn’t yet been worked into math curriculum, though.

Yes, it was most traumatic for Hillary when her public housing was pulled from her, and with her of a wanting for such splendor to all her own for her whole life. 

Another quirk of THE COURANT CHRONICLE HERALD NEWS is what seems a constant mispelling in telling of horse tales with "canter" spelled "cantor" and well that was a printers mark of sort itself for such found that when telling horse tales the press always seemed with too few "e" blocks.  

Rusty, though just doesn’t like question marks in his paper.

So if you see an indented sentence or paragraph followed with "& a wiser man than me once said" don’t expect a question mark or a period and think you may be missing part of the story if you don’t go to library and find the book he is at least alluding to.

Sister Elizabeth does keep some cook books in her collection and these are the only blocked up with wooden book ends her father carved her as a child with hawk heads facing out on both ends.

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