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THE COURANT CHRONICLE HERALD NEWS is likely to run a new version of this old tale of woe in its largest paper of the year the paper that goes to press just as the spring thaw is expected, or maybe last years anew.

As the paper with its second largest paper of the year is regular with at least one story on the history of stagecoaches and especially those of Concord Coaches from New Hampshire.

These two papers of the spring are the largest money makers of the year and especially for revenue from "Holiday" advertisements for the Christmas holiday that really bulks up the paper in spring.   Paper is busy all winter collecting stories just as filler so better to frame and entice to products for Holidays and gift ideas needing proper planning and ordering if to be finished in time.

Word is Borough should be ready to discuss education at the end of the thaw and in furtherance of a discussion Rusty Begsome overheard Teacher Rosie Greenberg in with her class one day loudly enough to have peaked his interests enough to have entered the school house to attempt to hear more.   He has been teasing the subject along Teacher Rosie Greenberg’s bias and in much agreement it seems with her statement to students that they should definitely not see education as for a "race to the top." 

Teacher Miss Rosie Greenberg still is from Cincinnati and just takes a room at hotel during weekdays.

Borough of Jeffersonville lesson plans have never been about education as for a "race to the top" but more a practical pursuit towards a ability to travel more with ease and relate while home and away more civily and engagingly, with an emphasis most to "being prepared" not just there - where ever - first.

It is likely that Rusty himself or another will offer a new variation on the old tale of WHEN THE BOROUGH WENT GREEN with the start of spring, next to the "reminder" of the story of the stagecoaches expected with the end of the thaw it is the most reworked "filler" each year for THE COURANT CHRONICLE HERALD NEWS.

There is always something happening in this Borough and much republic humor - best not to be calling any of local humor "republican humor" though for that implies you like the out of town "Republican News" paper and stories better.

WHEN THE BOROUGH WENT GREEN was when it happened quite a scare that went around the town, such so that the preacher, K.J. Rousting, was the first to suspect something was about for nearly everyone was ducking their heads and looking away as he passed and with a speeding up of their steps.  It was a scare about the Borough for near three days with people generally avoiding each other like a plague.  No matter how it may be retold it was quite a scare WHEN THE BOROUGH WENT GREEN that year the morning after having a town wide dance and pot luck supper - such a success it added to the scare the next day and some for fears they had had a sinfully jolly good time to the last of them.  Not a mark got applied to a single slate for days, and yet a scare was definitely about. 

Preacher K.J. Rousting had avoided the "pot" at pot luck that seemed the most popular that night so was out of the scare himself so he soon discovered.  The Preacher for some reason had avoided the pot the teacher had cooked up that was all the rage at the dance and pot luck with "secret ingredients" she had found in Cincinnati and finely diced into her stew to disguise them. 

What a scare was about the Borough those days the Borough was going green.

When first in town started seeing lighter green the Preacher perked up some and the library stopped having a record number of people visiting and looking at medical books.

Don’t worry, the town took to the Teachers cooking as soon as the scare passed and they learned of the beets and asparagus and sheer quantity she had reduced in her stew, they even began to ask her to bring some for them especially when expected out of town guest they were pretty sure had not yet ever gone green.

Yes in Jeffersonville, the holiday ads necessarily come early for time needed for many to build and assemble or knit or sew for to be prepared for a merry holidays.

Did you know the best stagecoaches were purposefully build near the shape of eggs?  Just wait you will be able to read about it and as sourced from another, a Ralph Moody likely.


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